evil /ē′vəl/


Morally bad or wrong; wicked, “an evil tyrant.” Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful, “the evil effects of a poor diet.” Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous, “evil omens.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Evil is decidedly more complicated than the standard definition found in a dictionary. Evil has a starting point that is often ignored in conversation. Simply calling someone or some act evil is never enough. One must go to the root cause and examine why, where, and how this evil person did the act. Where does evil start? After all, evil is best demonstrated by an overt act to show some manifestation of an idea.

Evil is formed in the deep recesses of one’s thoughts and beliefs. It can be resting in the contours of the brain, waiting for the moment to be cultivated and brought to life. It is like cancer, existing within, and then some DNA abnormality causes the cancer to come to life and spread. Evil is a cancer in humankind, originating at the dawn of human beginnings. Evil creates suffering for the person entertaining evil and the victims of evil acts. Evil starts as a thought and evolves into an idea, followed by an action that demonstrates the actual behavior of the evil-doer. The question is, where does the thought come from? It comes from Satan, the deceiver, the liar, the entity that misleads all humankind in enmity. Satan is the sworn enemy of God and, therefore, the sworn enemy of all humans.

Hamas easily fits the concept of evil, as it represents a belief system built on lies, hatred, and falsehoods. Very few people, institutions, forms of Government, or countries fit into this description. Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Russia, Xi’s Chinese Communist Party, BLM, Antifa, and many, many more. All terrorist groups formed under Islam. The Democrat Party formed the KKK. All these entities were and are constructed with hate as their foundation. They are evil. Professor Victor Hanson explains it best as he wrote of history repeating itself.

Weimar America

December 4, 2023

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness

Something eerie, something creepy, is happening in the world—and now in America as well. The dark mood is brought on by elite universities, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry, and massive immigration from illiberal nations and anti-Enlightenment societies.

At Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, hundreds of students rioted on news that a single teacher in her private social media account had expressed support for Israel. Waving Palestinian flags, and screaming violent threats, the student mob rioted, destroyed school property, sought the teacher out and tried to crash into her classroom—before she was saved from violence by other teachers and an eventual police arrival.

The subtext was that the overwhelmingly minority students (whose school is ranked academically near the bottom among New York City schools) were acculturated to the racist reality that as the “oppressed” they were exempt from any punishment for hunting down their own teacher. As a Jewish (and thus white) “oppressive” supporter of Israel, she was reduced to, in the words an enthusiastic commenter on a Tik Tok video of the riot, a “cracker ass bitch.” And so, the student pack tracked her down as if they were hunting an animal. The old Nazi youth gangs tried to kill Jews because they were not considered “white;” our new Nazis hunt them down because they allege that they are. The common denominator between the 1930s and 2023 is an unhinged hatred of Jews.

Hundreds of such incidents are now occurring on a daily basis—as the country is leaving its Weimar phase and heading at warp speed into normalizing Jew-hatred and worse. Instructors singled out Jewish students in classes at UC Davis and Stanford. Pro-Hamas students ripped down posters, swarmed public buildings, and disrupted traffic.

A pro-Israeli demonstrator in Los Angeles was hit on the head and killed by a pro-Palestinian university professor.

Jewish students were trapped in a Cooper Union university library surrounded by pro-Hamas demonstrators. At MIT, Jewish students were warned to keep away from particular areas of the campus deemed dangerous for them.

What would happen to a university president who warned black or Latino students to keep clear of areas where she could not guarantee their safety from other students?

A bankrupt media deserves much of the blame. They daily broadcast Hamas’s suspect casualty figures, as if that terrorist organization has ever been capable of speaking the truth.

The Western news regurgitated “500 dead at a Gaza hospital,” due to a supposedly deliberate Israel bombing. In fact, the hospital parking lot was hit by an errant Islamic Jihad missile intended to kill civilians in Israel.

No matter—few reporters apologized for spreading Hamas-fed misinformation, despite the previous Hamas lies that they never harmed civilians, that tunnels were not beneath hospital grounds, that they did not murder 1,200 Israelis; or their lies that Hamas gunmen do not rape, when they engaged in mass rape on October 7.

The media normalizes Hamas’s atrocities by treating it as if it were an ordinary government, not a murderous terrorist clique that decapitates civilians, takes children as hostages, and mutilates those it slaughters. That the terrorist organization has kidnapped at least ten American citizens and killed perhaps another 31 is lost on the “journalists,” many of them Americans who could not care less about the fate of their fellow citizens.

The media fixates on the Israeli response to mass murder, but rarely the mass murder of 1,200 Israeli civilians that prompted the current war. During ceasefires do Israeli terrorists drive into Gaza cities, and shoot and kill innocent civilians—and then brag, as did Hamas recently, that such murdering will only increase?

Sometimes the anti-Semitic hatred reaches Orwellian levels of absurdity. A British reporter asked an Israeli official whether his country valued life less than Hamas did because it had agreed to Hamas’s demand to release three convicted terrorists in exchange for one Israeli captive. The media fawned over a released disfigured Gazan terrorist—without mentioning that her injuries came from a car bomb she exploded in hopes of killing Jews.

The media is further emboldened by the Biden administration. When asked about the outbreak of anti-Semitism across the U.S.—nearly 60 percent of hate crimes are committed against Jews, who make up 2.5 percent of the population—Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed them with the false claim that the White House “had not seen any credible threats” to Jews. And then she claimed that the real danger to American residents was Islamophobia and threats to Arab-Americans. Hate crime and interracial crime statistics do not support Jean-Pierre’s assertions, which prompts the question of why she made them in the first place.

Note that almost all the violence in demonstrations over the current war comes from the pro-Hamas side that shouts “river to the sea” genocidal threats, swarms the Capitol rotunda and the White House wall, disrupts traffic, occupies bridges at peak traffic, defaces private and public property, shouts down speakers on campus, harasses passers-by, and often battles the police. One wonders whether, should the U.S. military be forced to try to rescue American captives, the demonstrators would cheer for the American troops or Hamas hostage-takers.

Abroad, the world has gone even crazier.

The United Nations has appointed Iran—a theocratic, terrorist-supporting government that kills dissidents and takes hostages—as the chair nation of the UN Human Rights Council Social Forum. What a cruel joke.

But what would one expect from the UN when its secretary-general, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, a former Portuguese socialist politician, condemns the Israeli response to October 7, but rarely, if ever, the Hamas mass killing of civilians that prompted it. Right after the mass killing Guterres opined, “The attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.” According to the secretary-general’s logic, I suppose, Pearl Harbor, the 1939 Nazi invasion of Poland, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not happen in a vacuum either.

When told that an Irish citizen hostage was freed by Hamas, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar declared that the “lost” child was finally “found.” In other words, he wished to hide the obvious fact that a terrorist organization had kidnapped an Irish citizen child, held her hostage for 50 days, and released her only when Israel gave up convicted terrorists to obtain her release.

Our domestic political leadership is not helping the situation.

Just days after October 7, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, along with the foreign minister of the now often hostile Turkish Government, were calling for a cease-fire to prevent an Israeli response.

When the Islamic Jihad rocket aimed at Israeli cities went off course and damaged a Gaza hospital (leading to the fake story that Israel bombed the hospital), President Biden joked, “You got to learn to shoot straight.” Did Biden mean that, had the terrorists only launched a successful terrorist rocket into Jewish neighborhoods, there would have been no ensuing controversies?

Biden later apologized for doubting fatality figures provided by the Gaza Health Ministry, which is controlled by Hamas—a terrorist organization that has lied about the hospital “bombing,” denied it had tunnels under hospitals, denied that it had engaged in mass rape in Israel, and has supplied no proof of its civilian casualty numbers. Has Hamas released figures of how many of its terrorists were killed, and does it separate those numbers from lost “civilians?” And so, are there really vast new cemeteries in Gaza to handle the 15,000 graves for those who, Hamas asserts, were killed?

What explains the collective madness?

For the last 40 years, while Western leftists have naively supported Palestinian terrorists, their governments have appeased terrorist-supporting Middle Eastern governments for very practical reasons. The old subtext to such mollification was that 500-million irate Arab Muslims, and a Middle East with 40 percent of the world’s oil reserves, in realist terms, simply argued against the interests of 10 million Israelis.

But now there are two new, venomous elements in the matrix.

One is that the racist DEI industry assumes that all intersectional nonwhite communities are victims of white privilege and supremacy. Therefore, as permanently oppressed, they are declared incapable of being racist themselves. And so, they can harass with impunity the supposed victimizers—in this case American Jews, who are declared culpable whites.

So the oppressed, according to the DEI bible, cannot be anti-Semitic, though many certainly are. And they apparently cannot be held accountable for their hatred or frequent violence.

Secondly, in the last two decades there has been an epidemic of immigration into Western nations from the Middle East. In often-divided democracies like ours, politicians seek to appease as many pressure groups as possible, whether citizen voters or merely resident demonstrators, to acquire and maintain power.

Such pro-Hamas demonstrators, rah-rahing from a free, prosperous, and secure West, expect no rebuke for their obvious hypocrisy in cheering on an autocratic, dictatorial Hamas that has wrecked the economy of Gaza, shoots dissidents, and allows no free expression. And Middle Eastern guests and immigrants are never reminded that their very demonstrations are predicated on not being physically present in their homelands, where they might be shot for what they say and do freely in the West.

We are on a trajectory similar to that of 1930s Germany.

Every time a student is cornered, harassed, or threatened; a high school mob tries to swarm and harm a teacher; a government spokesperson dismisses such hatred; or American soldiers are targeted by Iranian-fed terrorist organizations; the madness, racism, and anti-Semitism will increase—until it reaches a saturation point of abject violence in our streets.

Once a society mainstreams the values of thuggish brownshirts and ignores their “from the river to the sea” eliminationist chants and screams of “beat the f—king Jew,” then the next emboldened step is foreordained.

True, most Americans were appalled by October 7 and accept that every nation has the right to defend itself from terrorist killers. Most Americans deplore vicious demonstrators and their calls for violence on behalf of the Hamas death cult. And most Americans want their President to demand the release of American hostages and to deter Iranian-backed terrorists who attack U.S. military personnel in the region.

But unless the public demands that their universities enforce on campus the Bill of Rights and the right to move freely in safety, that police enforce laws against mob violence on America’s streets and in our schools, and that the United States stops greenlighting mass immigration from anti-Western nations and extending student visas to residents of anti-American, terrorist-supporting, and autocratic Middle East regimes, then in suicidal fashion we are headed for a 1930s nightmare.


  1. Robert Omer

    Just an aside. There are no apparent reporters, just commentators. They just sensationalize news to benefit their ‘news’ organization irregardless of truth. If the likes of Paul Harvey were reporting, some of this might be different. As it stands, it’s difficult to find truth! Anyone watching major news channels are sadly lacking reality.

  2. Paivikki Buchwalter

    Your post is correct. I would only add that there are much more horrific atrocities committed by Hamas on Israeli civilian citizens primarily. For example Hamas gang raped women hostages so badly that heir pelvic bones were fractured and they bled after these horrific acts. Not only did Hamas rape women, they also raped men. Children have been branded by hot exhaust pipes. Hamas burned alive children in two piles of ten tied together. A pregnant female hostage’s womb was sliced open and her unborn baby stabbed to death by Hamas. (Telegram, Amir Tsarfati a Messianic Jew living near Jezreel Valley in Israel. A former IDF Major).

    We know about the Hamas atrocities because they themselves have documented them. A bipartisan group of dozens of senators viewed the harrowing 46 minute recording of Hamas attack on Israel late November on Capitol Hill. There were tears wiped off eyes after the senators left the viewing room. Many declined comment asking for time to process what they had seen
    Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said that much of the recording was raw video captured from Hamas’ body cameras and cellphones as the attack unfolded and …

    “We saw terrorists celebrating as they murdered children, as they murdered women, as they desecrated the bodies,” Cruz said. “We saw them beheading bodies with knives. We heard audio of terrorists calling their parents, celebrating the people they murdered. There is a level of evil and hate and depravity that defies words, and it is astonishing that there are still some in America and across the globe who deny these atrocities occurred.” (NBCNews.com “ Dozens of senators view harrowing video of Hamas attack on Israel”)

    “Some of the other senators who attended included Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who did not give a morning floor speech Tuesday like he normally does.

    He told reporters later in the day that he had not delivered remarks because he was so taken aback after having watched the video.

    “It was jarring and harrowing. It shook all of us up in the room. I had to go sit in my office for a half-hour alone after seeing it,” Schumer said.” (NBCNews.com “ Dozens of senators view harrowing video of Hamas attack on Israel”)

    I wish this was sensationalization, but it is not. The feet on the ground tell me this all is factual… and there is much more. Many just do not want to accept it. Reasons maybe varied. Some may find it much too horrific to process and thus deny it.

    We cannot deny October 7th 2023 any more than we can deny the Holocaust. Both are historical facts. October 7th being orders of magnitude worse than the Holocaust ever was. That being so, we are heading to something significantly worse than the 1930s nightmare.

    • patriot1971

      Paivikki, your words have steel in them. Very well stated. It breaks my heart to know these things happened. You would think that being a combat veteran with 8 combat tours would harden me and it has not, in fact it makes it worse knowing what happen.

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