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Here is a suggestion for a grassroots activism for the coming trial in the Senate. I will do this because I believe in the US Constitution when it states, “We the people…” That means we, the citizens of this Republic are the rulers of our country and our representatives, both the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the President work for us to do our bidding. We placed them in office, and we have the power of the vote to remove them from office. We also have the power to communicate our wishes and desires directly to each one of them.

During the Senate trial, I will transmit an email to my two Senators (one a Republican and one a Democrat) each hour with my displeasure on what is taking place. I will do so constructively and not engage in hyperbolic commentary.

Examples of what I will state in the emails:

  1. The articles of impeachment are defective on their face since President Trump was denied due process and not allowed to present his side of the issues during the House of Representatives processes. Active suppression by Democrats in the House has marred the entire process. The President needs to be found not guilty and remain in office.
  2. The facts being stated by the House Managers are false and really only represent “opinions” and “assumptions” of the individual speaking. No crimes have been committed. The article of “Abuse of Power” is highly subjective, open to extreme bias based on an assertion of an opinion that is highly political. There is no crime! The President needs to be found not guilty and remain in office.
  3. The article concerning “Obstruction of Congress” is not a crime. In fact, it is bogus rhetoric of a political nature. Going to the third branch of government (the judiciary) for a dispute is quite normal and desired when disagreements exist between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, it is necessary for the Judicial Branch to intercede. President Trump invoke a lawful and well-defined order called Executive Privilege not only for his office but for the future Presidents, regardless of party. This is not being respected by the Democrats for partisan reasons. Making this article outrageous on its face. The President needs to be found not guilty and remain in office.
  4. Listen to the people of Arizona! We will not approve of this President being found guilty of any offense under these conditions. He shall not be found guilty and shall remain in office. Let the country through the voting process remove him if that is the collective will of the People of the United States. Respect the US Constitution and listen to “We the People…”

These are suggestions and can be reworded in anyway as the sender desires. Pick one each hour the Senate trial is in session and send it to both Senators at the same time or mix and match as you will. This is how a grassroots women’s conservative makes its points, actively engages in governance and lets the Senators know they are held accountable for their vote and conduct in the Senate. Double up by having your spouse do the same thing. The more emails sent in the better. Share with friends. Email addresses are provided for your convenience. Just cut and paste and fill in the necessary information. ~ Henry


      • patriot1971

        Lenny,thanks for the send off. That black and white picture is not doing it. I do like your suggestion you gave me in conversation last night over dinner. Just need to explore it more.I have some pictures I took in the media library now and I will have to try them out until I find one that is suitable for this blog.

  1. Alan

    Thanks Henry for setting this up. Looking forward to people’s points of views and the spirited conversations that are likely to come as a result :).

    • patriot1971

      Alan, you can expect those views and comments from the many people I invited into this conversation. To me all views are important. Each one of us sees the world differently, through our worldview based on our individual experiences. This is what makes us different.I strive to learn, even if its a small nugget of information. I am looking forward to your “contrary” views as we go along. Stay safe my friend.

  2. Ken M.

    Hi Henry and all. Concur with most of what you wrote. I tend to be a Libertarian (of a Constitutional bent) – past chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary of our county chapter. I do think the framers of the Constitution meant for specific statutes (crimes) to be laid out in impeachment articles. Why else write about “high crimes and misdemeanors” for impeachment? Otherwise, they would have written different words describing contempt of Congress or misuse of power. I wish you great success and enjoyment in your blog.

  3. patriot1971

    There is a great deal of confusion between what is political and what is law for most people. We have had the opportunity to work in criminal investigations and had to collect evidence to get a case prosecuted. We both automatically break offenses down into the elements of a crime to establish what has taken place. Folks outside our experience realm do not think that way and may be confused.

  4. Henry, It is indeed that our collective group of politicians are (once elected) concerned about only two things: getting re-elected and getting a $$$ nest egg for retirement. It is more unfortunate (in my view) that the propaganda mongers (media) have sought to impose their personal views on the public and avoid real factual news.

    Thanks for establishing this forum for expression.


  5. patriot1971

    Duane, your welcome. Your point is well taken. The problem is how to change this dynamic and make it work for the people that put them into office.Term limits is the answer and it needs to start as a grassroots movement. I believe a movement is in progress now moving through each State as an proposed amendment to the US Constitution with some 12 States approving it thus far, Arizona being one of the approving States.

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