The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This well-known title to a great movie by Clint Eastwood has been used repeatedly to describe life, society, the economy, people, and politics. It is a clear explanation of hate and evil versus the good found in humanity.

Over the past several weeks, we as an American society are witnessing the destruction of our country firsthand in real-time. Unfortunately, the media is doing its best (or worst), shaping a narrative for the Left. All the Marxist followers of biden and harris support and agree with this tactic. The media will not report on incidents that do not involve a “white person,” however, let a white person do something, and it is a twelve-inch banner of disapproval.

If the media reported that black people committed all the attacks lately on Chinese and Japanese or Pacific Islanders, that would destroy their narrative. But, of course, the reported incidents have been exactly like that, the unprovoked attacks on Orientals with knives, cement blocks, and hammers by black Americans. The other incidents of hate are the unprovoked attacks on Jews. The anti-Semitic worldview runs deep in the Left. They embrace it and act on it. The people in New York seem to embrace the concept and attack anyone they believe is Jewish. The person police arrested yesterday in New York told his jailers that he would do it again if he is released. He and his gang of Arab thugs beat a Jewish man senseless. This thug is proud of what he has done. I condemn these acts of violence. I have always condemned racial injustice and bigotry, such as the Democrat’s KKK. The Democrats established the KKK. They own it.

When people in society believe the rest of civilization owes them something and expects the rest to pay their bills and provide support for them, that is the sign of Socialism. No one owes anything to others even though they clamor for benefits not justly deserved. It becomes a mode of hate and disrespect. People need to speak out everywhere they can and put these beliefs into perspective.

The leaders of this, “let’s hate everyone that is white, blame everything on the white man, and elevate criminals to a position on a pedestal,” are found in the current administration with their support of ANTIFA and BLM and their group think of Marxist ideology.

These people fail to recognize that this harmful and destructive ideology will cause a backlash they can not fathom. Americans are extraordinarily patient, helpful, and giving. However, when pushed to the wall, they will come back hard in many ways and take back the country from those pushing communism. I believe the election cycle in 2022 will be a conservative blowout against the liberals. If that fails for some unknown reason, like a dishonest election process, the next move will incorporate the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Make no mistake about it.

Take the time to look over the landscape of our society, use your critical thinking skills, and formulate a plan for yourself and your family. I am willing to bet you will be thankful for thinking ahead. Steel yourself and recognize what is at stake. Your Freedom as an American and your right to live your life on your terms is in peril. Look at the simplest acts or behaviors, like choosing to have a shot or not being questioned. Your ability to enter a store and buy a product and being confronted about mask-wearing and asked if you had a shot. Look at when expressing your views and being called a racist because you do not conform to the racist worldview that is calling you a racist. Ask yourself what is happening and why you are being intimidated to silence. Push back!

Look to history as it starts to repeat itself. First, the Germans started mocking the Jews. Then they removed guns from the population. Then they invented stories about the Jews. The Germans engaged in psychological operations against their citizens and soon convinced everyone that the Jews were dangerous and not part of a healthy society. The next move was to eradicate the Jews from Germany, and subsequently, the idea followed that the Jews should be exterminated from the entire planet. This is pure hate. The Germans chose not to participate in the violence that followed; idling stood by on the sidelines and allowed this to happen. You have to ask yourself profoundly, is the same thing happening again, this time in America. Look at how the current administration reacts to the recent violence in Israel and Gaza, and you will find your answer. Do not be fooled by this administration calling for a ceasefire. They are trying to help Iran smuggle more rockets to Hamas, and they needed a break from the effectiveness of Israel hitting targets so Iran could accomplish its mission.

The acts of evil, lying, and misdirection are unfolding at a rapid rate in our country. Unfortunately, these acts of destruction are protected by the current administration and their lapdog media pundits who slavishly obey their masters.


  1. Edward Sullivan

    The insidiously corrupt Left with the willing collusion of 90% of the media (all forms) has created a landscape of hate and intolerance never before seen in this Nation. It all started with a police officer responding to a suspicious person call in Charlestown, MA. Obama and minions blew that into an outrageous charade. Then came Ferguson, again Obama poured napalm onto the fire. Since then the narrative has been pro criminal, anti law and order. The chaos is just about hit a level where Law Abiding citizens are going to start vigilante actions to stop this crap.

    Everything being done by the Marxists in charge is to emasculate the US Military (WOKE BS) and purging all the Patriots (right wing radicals) so if there IS a CIVIL WAR, the lap dogs put in charge of the US Military will follow any illegal orders to move against American Citizens. If WE THE PEOPLE do not stop this anti American crap very soon, it will be too late.

  2. Katherine

    Travis and I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning with our coffee. You brought an understanding for Travis when he was listening to Biden the other day. He couldn’t figure out why he was agreeing with what Biden had to say, lol! Concerning to say the least. Travis knew what Biden was saying about the cease fire didn’t seem like Biden. Your explanation as to why he ordered the cease fire makes total sense now and falls in line with the crazy leftists.

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