The Global Warming Hoax

After reading this excellent article by Terry Campbell, I just had to pass it on. It is by far the best explanation of the “weather hoax” the American people have been subjected to and clearly shows what a fraud the Biden administration is and those that support the comical ideal of “Climate Change.” I have personally advocated for nuclear energy and I was delighted to see Mr. Campbell’s position to be the same. Remember this when you vote on November 8, 2022.

“October 29. 2022


By: Terry M. Campbell
Revised: October 24, 2022
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To set the record straight, man influencing climate change is a complete HOAX. Below all of the lower-numbered weather cycles are embedded in each of the higher-numbered weather cycles.
1st cycle – 24-hour or one-day cycle – rotation cycle
2nd cycle – 365¼ day or one-year cycle – orbital cycle
3rd cycle – 11-year cycle with sliding variable beginning–sunspot cycle
4th cycle – 26,000-year cycle – axis wobble cycle
5th cycle – 100,000-year cycle – expanding/contracting orbit cycle

We are slightly past the middle of the 100,000-year 5th cycle (about the mean average distance from the sun). We are currently leaving the warming trend and entering into the cooling phase of the predictable 4th cycle (26,000-year cycle–axis wobble). The current tilt on the earth’s axis is causing the warmer summers and cooler winters in the northern hemisphere. This is all normal, we humans have absolutely nothing to do with the climate.

The ice in Antarctica, a continent larger than North America, is getting thicker and the summer ice in Artic is decreasing, thereby maintaining the balance of nature keeping the global sea levels constant.

CO2 is not a pollutant; it is a rare gas required for plants to flourish and produce the oxygen we breathe. We need more CO2. The rise/decrease in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere always lags a rise/fall in global temperature by months, sometimes years.

The claims that man affects the climate are based on “political science”, absolutely nothing to do with “real physical science”.


To begin with, I care deeply about the environment. We live on a beautiful planet. I want to keep it that way. But the ill-informed left-leaning socialist environmentalists are using their “Climate Change Religion” as a weapon to control the populous and redistribute wealth.

“Global Warming” was a convenient and real misnomer. Plus, the earth has been cooling for the past thirty years, not warming. Now the uninformed environmentalists have changed their mantra to “Climate Change”, but should be referred to as “Weather Cycles”. The temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is continuously changing. It is never stagnating, and is a naturally occurring weather phenomenon. That is why most intelligent people referred to the everchanging climate as weather cycles. Simple thermodynamics of the Sun’s energy output, the earth’s distance from the sun, and the earth’s direct or indirect exposure to the Sun’s energy easily explain the temperature variances on the surface of our planet. There are cycles within cycles within cycles. Each longer cycle includes all the shorter cycles within it. The shorter weather cycles are nested within all of the longer cycles. All major temperature variances are caused by the following physical cycles, each cycle containing all of the previous cycles:

1st cycle (24-hour or one-day-cycle – rotating): This first weather cycle is determined by the earth rotating on its axis; hence we have the temperature variance between cooler nights and warmer days. Absence of sun’s energy versus direct exposure to the sun’s energy.

2nd cycle (365 ¼ day or one-year cycle – orbital): This second cycle is determined by the earth’s rotation around the sun, which is manifested by the weather changes we refer to as the four seasons (summer, fall, winter, and spring). These weather changes occur because of the earth’s axis tilt in its position in its orbit around the sun. It is warmer in the northern hemisphere while it is cooler in the southern hemisphere and vice versa (axis tilt).

3rd cycle (an 11 year with a sliding variable beginning cycle – sunspots): This cycle is another natural factor that has a large short-term effect on our weather. It is the variance in the energy released by the sun. This variance in the energy from the sun, some people refer to this as sunspots or no sun spots, causes the temperature to rise or fall. The more sunspots the warmer the temperature and the fewer sunspots the cooler the weather. Most of the sunspots are around the equator of our spinning sun that we are orbiting around in the same direction. The current surface of the sun facing the earth has very few sunspots, therefore this is one of the reasons the temperature is slightly cooling and has been for the past thirty years, with some exceptions. Heavy sunspot activity is credited for slight global warming in the 1980s, what there was of it. In the highly publicized global warming swindle, they never mention sunspots. Records of solar activity have been kept quite accurately for hundreds of years. It’s also amazing that the sunspot activity mirrors the short-term (years to tens of years) temperature as it rises and falls. Could it be that that big fireball in the sky has something to do with the temperature here on earth? One of the side effects of sunspots is the disruption in our communication system, mainly satellite interference.

4th cycle (26,000-year-cycle – axis wobble): The next predictable cycle is determined by the variance in the earth’s rotation on its axis (earth’s wobble on its axis). The current tilt on the earth’s axis is causing the summers to be warmer and cooler in the winter in the northern hemisphere and the opposite in the southern hemisphere. This tilt is the reason for thirteen thousand (13,000) successive years of overall gradually warmer weather followed by thirteen thousand (13,000) successive years of gradually cooler weather in the northern hemisphere. This also causes the north to get warmer as the south to get colder and vice versa depending on the tilt of the earth on its axis. The ice in Antarctica, a continent larger than North America, is getting thicker in many places. The summer ice in artic is decreasing. This balance of nature is keeping the sea levels constant. This is due to the current tilt in the earth’s axis, nothing to do with so-called man-made global warming. The North is currently getting warmer because it is closer to the sun. The South is getting colder since it is pointing more away from the sun.

5th cycle (hundred thousand year-cycle – expanding/contracting orbit): This cycle is the variation in earth’s orbit around the sun. This expansion/contraction is caused by the variances in the gravitational forces from the planets and other gravitational forces as we move through space. Currently, the earth’s orbit around the sun is slowly lengthening. Therefore, the entire earth is gradually cooling, because it is gradually moving farther from the sun. This is the longest period weather cycle. This variance has caused the many ice ages and long periods of extreme heat that formed most of our deserts over the last few hundred thousand years. The longest period, that we have data on, goes back a little less than six hundred thousand (>600,000) years. During this period, there have been five (5) major ice ages, spaced a hundred thousand (100,000) years apart. Each ice age lasted only a few hundred years, almost eliminating all life on this planet. But there were thousands of years of major warming periods between each, with no fossil fuels being used, when life flourished. The last major ice age ended ten thousand (10,000) years ago and there has been gradual warming ever since, with minor fluctuations up and down.

These are the physical things that cause most of the temperatures on earth to constantly change. The climate (temperature) is never stagnating, it is continually changing because the earth is never standing still in reference to our spinning sun, our heat source. Bottom line: “Most major climate changes are the direct result of the earth’s axis wobble, orbital eccentricities of Earth, and variations in the sun’s energy output.” Climate change is a natural phenomenon, not something that can be altered by us mere mortals. There is one more physical entity that affects the weather of the various hemispheres, but not globally. This is the ocean currents. Their temperature, volume, direction, and speed have a large effect on local weather but are globally neutral.

The earth is essentially a water planet. A short-term (<100 years) major aspect of climate involves the complicated interaction between two very turbulent fluids: the atmosphere, which holds large amounts of water in the form of rain or snow, and the oceans, which cover over 70% of the earth’s surface. The thermodynamics of these two massive elements interacting account for the variations in local temperatures. We can’t predict what effect the atmosphere is going to have on future temperatures because we can’t predict cloud formations in the atmosphere. And the convection of heat, oxygen, salt, and other quantities that pass through the oceans, not to mention weather cycles like El Niño in the tropical Pacific and El Niño in the tropical Atlantic, make predicting ocean temperatures an equally difficult business. But we can say this with certainty: Water, in all its phases, has huge effects on atmospheric retention of heating and cooling. Compared to water (H20), carbon dioxide (CO2) is a minor contributor, almost unmeasurable, to the temperature of the earth. It's extremely difficult to predict what just one fluid will do. Trying to figure out what two fluids will do in interaction with each other on a planetary scale over long periods is virtually impossible. Neither side of the atmosphere/ocean equation can be predicted. Here are a few facts more about the earth’s atmosphere: Our atmosphere (air) is made up of five major gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and water vapor) plus 12 measurable trace gases. Not all of these gases are greenhouse gases. There are four major greenhouse gases, they are water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. The fact that greenhouse gases exist is a good thing. Without greenhouse gasses to lock in the energy from the sun, the global temperature would be -459% F, and we would all freeze and die or would have never existed. The following is the make-up of the naturally occurring greenhouse gases: 95% of it is water vapor and 4.964% is methane, nitrous oxide, and other trace gases; .036% is the naturally occurring trace gas carbon dioxide, with 97% produced by nature and only 3% attributed to man, which is less than 0.001% of the carbon dioxide in the total atmosphere is attributed to man’s use of fossil fuels. All Trace gasses are measured by parts per million (ppm). Currently, the average global carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the atmosphere is slightly over 400 ppm with a minuscule amount attributed to man (<.004 ppm). The figures of the UN’s political non-scientific “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPPC) are different and very wrong. In Europe, they have been using heavy sulfur coal for heat and to cook for thousands of years and to produce electricity for the past hundred years. This has contaminated the entire continent with high carbon and sulfur ash. Any readings taken in Europe are not representative of the rest of the globe. I tend to believe NOAA and NASA. They are not political organizations (yet) and have far more accurate equipment and much better-trained engineers and technicians than any political global organization. In short, we know a lot about the earth’s atmosphere and climate. We also know a lot about long-term predictive climate models. And we know they don’t work. They haven’t worked in the past. They don’t work now. And it’s hard to imagine when, if ever, they’ll work in the foreseeable future. There’s a common-sense reason for this. Aside from the human brain, the climate is the most complex thing on the planet. The number of factors that influence climate; the sun, the earth’s orbital properties, oceans, clouds, and, yes, industrial man; are huge and enormously variable. Climate change and air pollution are two different subjects with very little relation to each other and should be treated separately. Air pollution is from emissions of Sulfur Dioxide, Nitric Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Ozone (O3), Methane, etc. located in very localized-industrialized areas, not globally. We can and should work on air pollution. CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) IS NOT A POLLUTANT. All of the doomsday weather predictions are from faulty computer simulations with faulty input data, real facts were ignored. Professor Phil Jones generated his infamous “hockey stick graph” back in the mid-eighties when he was the director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. The raw data he used to produce this fraudulent graph has never been produced for peer review (now has been deemed lost or nonexistent). After East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit released the results of their multimillion-dollar research grant in 1984, I requested a copy of the raw data through the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) they used to generate their “Relative Forcing Formula” (∆F = 5.35 x in C/Co Wm-2). They informed me that the data was not available to do a peer review and that East Anglia had moved their archive storage to a new facility and the data could not be located. Now we find out that it may never have existed (2009 e-mail releases). Their “Relative Forcing Formula” with the infamous ‘hockey stick' graph it generated is what all the environmentalists religiously have used to forward their cause is not supported by current temperature readings. The formula has been proven to be bogus. The UN’s political non-scientific IPCC has based its global warming doomsday predictions on this graph and its faulty non-science. They cannot predict accurately the weather next week much less hundreds of years in the future. All of these simulation programs use statistical analysis as their basic or root algorithm. Their warming "science" is based on the supposition that Earth can absorb only so much CO2. The fact is, over the past 160 years the Earth's absorption of CO2 has remained unchanged, only 45% of all CO2 remains in the atmosphere as opposed to 100% that the warmers claim. The East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit “Relative Forcing Formula” that all of the doomsday climate procrastinators use does not take this into account. More dissenters, who were silenced for years by the media, and ostracized by colleagues, are stepping forward. Earth's ecosystems are more complex and robust, meaning that the pseudo-scientists crying humans contribute to climate change, were limited in their comprehension. The myth of man-made climate change has become the religion of the left and it is falling apart. The latest blow is a study out of England, scientists are not relying on computer models, but real data. This reinforces the fact that Climate Change is only a tool used by the left to redistribute wealth based on ‘Political Science’. These fake scientists chose a predetermined result and then adjust the parameters of the simulation and/or raw data until the desired, predetermined result is derived. Liberal university professors teach this distorted version of statistical analysis. Using their method, I can prove either side of any subject using the same data. Good (real) science is the process of thought, observation, and/or experimentation to formulate a theory looking for an answer to a particular situation. Once the theory is established then it is subjected to factual analysis. This is to determine if the theory is correct or not without bias. Bad science (which is to say non-science) is the process of thought, observation, and/or experimentation to formulate a theory to support a preconceived conclusion already derived. They modify the theory as needed to explain their conclusion and then focus only on what they perceive as facts that support their theory while ignoring those facts that do not. This is a common statistical analysis practice taught in all liberal socialist colleges and universities. Bad science is even worse when it is motivated by and conducted to promote a political agenda as in this case, referring to Climate Change. Here is another minor slightly off-the-subject thing to consider. All life on this planet will be extinguished by gamma radiation long before the weather becomes unbearable or the sun turns into a red giant engulfing the inner solar system before shrinking into a white dwarf. The earth is protected from gamma radiation by the magnetic field surrounding it. This magnetic field is generated by the spinning magma (made up of mainly 1,849-degree F. molten iron) just below the earth’s surface. As the magma cools and solidifies over time, the magma will move slower weakening the magnetic field. When the magnetic field finally collapses the gamma radiation will kill all living things on the planet. Not to worry though, the good thing is, this will not happen for many hundreds of millions of years from now. Let’s get back to the subject of ever-changing weather. Now that we have established what causes the major weather changes, let’s have a look at what the leftist non-scientific environmentalists, liberal socialists’ progressive politicians, Hollywood liberal dunces, and the liberal sheep media are all spouting. They all think an increase in CO2 is bad for the planet and is causing global warming. They are all dead WRONG!!! Levels of CO2 have absolutely nothing to do with the weather!! The above and the following together explain why. Now let’s look at some facts, analyze them and try to draw some reasonable conclusions. To find these facts we must do a little looking around and ignore the liberal press while we do it. Most of the liberal non-scientific environmentalists who are talking about global warming (i.e. - Climate Change) are also the ones who used to spout an ice age is coming theory and the non-existent ozone layer problem, in the not-too-distant past. I think we can discount all of them right off the bat. A person can only cry wolf so many times before he is ignored. None of the climate change prophecies made by the climate alarmist has ever been proven to be true. Mark J. Perry of the American Enterprise Institute (AIE) compiled a non-inclusive short list of their bogus predictions:  1967: Dire famine forecast by 1975.  1969: Everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.  1970: Ice age by 2000.  1970: America will be subject to water rationing by 1974.  1970: America will institute food rationing by 1980.  1971: New ice age coming by 2020, 2030 at the latest.  1972: New ice age by 2072.  1974: Space satellites show new ice age coming fast.  1974: Ozone depletion is a great peril to all life.  1976: Scientific consensus planet cooling, famines imminent.  1978: No end in sight to a 30-year cooling trend.  1980: Acid rain will kill all life in lakes.  1988: Regional droughts in 1990.  1988: Maldives Islands will be underwater by 2018.  1989: Rising sea levels will obliterate nations if nothing is done by 2000.  1989: New York City’s west side highway underwater by 2019. The book by Danish author Bjorn Lomborg states the damage done by the Climate Alarmists. False Alarm: How climate change panic costs trillions of dollars, hurts the poor, and fails to fix the planet. John Kerry and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and many other climate extremists state: “We only have months or a few years before earth's extinction.” It is easy to conclude from the above that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a rare or trace gas. There is not enough of it to have a measurable effect on the planet's weather. Temperature rise is the main cause of a rise in CO2 levels and lags a temperature rise by months sometimes years. There are true scientific atmospheric papers and charts about temperature and carbon dioxide in the air measured throughout thousands of years. These charts were from an in-depth analysis of ice cores and tree growth rings. What was interesting is that the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere lagged the temperature rise by at least several months sometimes years. Therefore, elevated levels of carbon dioxide did NOT cause the temperature to rise but the reverse is true. Here are some other things about carbon dioxide (CO2): it is NOT an air pollutant, and it is required for plants to live, plus the heavier the concentration of CO2 the less water plants require to flourish. Plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and give off oxygen (O2) through photosynthesis. We humans breathe oxygen (O2). Without CO2 all of the plants die, stop producing oxygen, then we would all die. We need more CO2 not less. Plus, without CO2 all plant life would die and all of us would starve to death if we had not already died of suffocation from the lack of oxygen. In the early 1960s, when the space program was considering building a permanent base on the moon, we were simulating bases with the use of geospheres. They were sealed units with different plants and animals to test the viability of living on the moon. In one of the geospheres, the plants started flourishing and growing faster than the others. Testing the atmosphere in that biosphere found that the CO2 level was much higher than the others. The conclusion is that the more CO2 the faster plants grow and flourish. This means again that we need to increase CO2 in our atmosphere. Which will produce more O2 through photosynthesis for us humans to breathe. What the non-scientific environmentalists consider pollution is not all greenhouse gases, but all carbon-based gases. What the eco-idiots are spouting about is between what CO2 occurs naturally and what is produced by the human population (.036% versus less than .001% of the total air in the atmosphere). It takes a very inflated ego to assume that we humans can have a major effect on the entire planet's weather. If we could control the weather, we would be able to prevent hurricanes or blizzards. Only GOD can control the weather! (Genesis 8: 21-22). Right now, the earth is coming out of a warming cycle and is headed toward a cooling cycle, regardless of what we humans do! Therefore, trying to stop the Artic from warming, the Antarctic from cooling, and the entire planet from slightly cooling (the current situation) is a waste of time, effort, and resources. Why is the wacko non-scientific environmentalist only picking on carbon emissions (carbon dioxide)? There are other greenhouse gases. The second most prevalent greenhouse gas is methane next to water vapor. In Texas, methane is called, “natural gas”, because it is. Natural gas seeps out of the ground, we drill wells for it, and we use it as fuel. In addition to what seeps out naturally on a global basis, livestock (cows, sheep, goats, deer, etc.) flatulence is one of the other contributors to greenhouse emissions (methane, not carbon dioxide). Plus, they breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. This I do not see changing in the near future for various reasons. On the other hand, natural plant life on the planet (trees, grass, plankton in the ocean, etc.) absorbs carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen through photosynthesis which partially counters the mammal’s flatulence thereby balancing things out. Therefore, the balance of nature is maintained as designed by God. If climate change sounds similar, it is. Right now, like in the not-too-distant past, the earth is cooling from a lack of solar activity and an elongated orbit which indicates an upcoming mini-ice age and the sea recedes. It happens every several hundred years or so. Go look to history. Europe had severe cold seasons within written memory that caused significant crop failures. This is a natural occurrence with nothing to do with the CO2 emissions by man. The bottom line is not natural science, it is the world is engaged in a war of information, much of which is false or exaggerated and aimed for political ends, and has no origin in any kind of physical science. The real information we are looking for is found only through Natural Science. But when we start talking about climate change, we are talking about Political Science. Successful political scientists are the ones who get elected and re-elected year after year. Natural scientists may know a lot about nature, but it is the political scientists who know the most about how to gain and maintain political power. Thereby they control the flow of information. This is why we have a professional politician like Al Gore capable of promoting this scam. The two sciences have their place, but intelligent people do not mix the two. That is how we got into this current mess in the first place The largest human producers of carbon emissions and air pollution can do something about are coal-fired and oil-burning generator plants, with Eastern Europe, China, and India being the largest producers of carbon emissions and air pollution. In the United States, most of our coal furnaces and oil-burning generators have scrubbers on the exhaust, which greatly reduces the hydrocarbon emissions but does not fully eliminate sulfur emissions. Pressure should be put on Eastern Europe, China, and India to install scrubbers on the exhaust of the coal-fired generator plants or change to nuclear power. The past acid rain in Eastern Europe and the coming acid rain in China and India are caused by sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired generator power plants. The SO2 converts to sulfuric acid in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is not the problem. The United States should convert to nuclear power as soon as possible to maintain and promote energy independence. There are a lot of technologies emerging that can help with this problem by generating electricity, such as wind power, solar cells, more hydroelectric, geothermal, etc., and all of these will help. Still, these cannot meet the growing need for electricity. All of the coal furnaces and oil-burning generators together only produce a fraction of a percent of the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. Another contested producer of hydrocarbons and non-polluting carbon dioxide is the internal combustion engine. This is a situation that is going to be with us for a long time. But it is not a global problem. It is isolated to only heavily populated areas. The clean air act of 1962 greatly reduced the smog in heavily populated areas in the United States by eliminating lead and reducing sulfur in gasoline and diesel fuels. Some of the promising alternatives are electric (battery-powered) cars, electric (fuel-cell-powered) cars, hydrogen-powered cars, kinetic energy, compressed air, etc. The basic fact is that the U.S. is an oil-driven nation and has an oil-driven economy at present and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we need to uncap our oil reserves (in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Alaska, etc.) and continue drilling for domestic oil for several reasons. The number one reason is to lower the price of gasoline and diesel. The increased cost of transportation is increasing the price to the consumer of just about everything (food mainly). Every household is being affected. In 2018 the United States finally became energy independent through the easement of environmental regulations leading to an increase in fracking to release our vast reserves of natural gas (methane). This eliminated another major concern, if not the most important one. This allowed The United States to stop importing oil from our enemies that were financing global Islamic terrorism. The effects of internal combustion engines are localized around large population areas and have a very little effect globally, and only produced a fraction of a percent of the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. There is a major problem with electric vehicles - the strip mining to produce the batteries used in these electric vehicles. This strip mining is destroying the planet. Plus, every few years the batteries must be replaced, they cannot be recycled. So, what do we do with all of this contaminated material? In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s the ocean levels dropped and from the early 80s to the present, the ocean levels have slightly risen. The total deviation in level is about 100 mm (about a quarter of an inch (1/4”). Question? How can the global ocean level be measured accurately when we have normal wave action of 40 to 50 feet high in the north Atlantic and south Pacific? Plus, every six-and-a-half (6½) hour cycle tidal effects caused by the moon are constantly changing the water levels around the planet. Currently, the North Pole ice is melting and the South Pole ice thickness is increasing. God created nature always to maintain a balance, therefore a constant sea level. The catastrophic “Dooms Day” rising sea level forecast was generated from another faulty computer simulation using modified parameters and imaginary data not based on any of the obvious facts. This is back to the difference between real physical science and political science! The temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is continuously changing. It is never stagnating and is a naturally occurring weather phenomenon. That is why most intelligent people referred to the everchanging climate as weather cycles. The claim of manmade climate change fanatics that the seas are exponentially rising is false. Over the past 20 years, the seas have risen a minuscule ¼ inch, also the seas have receded over 30 feet in the last 500 years. Like the belief that CO2 is the cause of Climate Change (morphed from Global Warming, which is now morphing into the bogus Green New Deal) the ill-informed left-leaning socialist environmentalists are using their Climate Change religion as a weapon to control the people and redistribute wealth. Again, Climate Change is a tool used by the left to redistribute wealth based on ‘Political Science’ and a temperature rise is the main cause of a rise in CO2 levels and lags a temperature rise by months sometimes years. The Eco-idiots claiming that polar bears are dying because of global warming is completely false. The polar bear population has increased five (5) fold in the last 25 years. It is slightly warmer in the north, therefore more food, therefore more bears. The Polar Bear should be and is being removed from the endangered species list. Alaska and Canada are even considering having a hunting season for polar bears, because of their abundance. Global Warming is only a hypothesis, dreamed up by a Swedish scientist over 100 years ago. It's not even a theory. Contrary to his hypothesis, CO2 levels always follow a temperature rise by many months, sometimes years. It does not cause a temperature rise. Why is all of the above important? The CAP-and-TRADE SCAM which the Democrat Party tried to push through Congress! This was a TAX on all energy production based on political science, not physical science. Physical science is exact; it is not a consensus of opinions. A fact is either right or wrong. In this case, manmade climate change is a hoax and the Cap and Trade, energy tax, should be completely deleted from any consideration by all governments, including the United States of America. This was only a way for a few dishonest people (Al Gore for one) to get rich by trading carbon credits (thin air) at the cost of all of us, the average citizens. H.R. 2454 and S. 1733 (the Cap-and-Trade SCAM Legislation) were blatant attempts of the progressive liberal, neo-socialistic, bordering on fascist crowd, in Washington D.C. not only to take over the energy industry, but to consciously continue their effort to redistribute wealth, bankrupt this country, and resurrect it as an oppressive socialistic nanny state. This would have been an excessive tax on all forms of energy production based on political science, social engineering, and misguided non-scientific pseudo-environmentalist false conclusions, not from actual physical science, to limit the production of carbon dioxide (CO2), a non-polluting, naturally accruing rare gas. We need more CO2 not less. Leftist environmentalists, mainstream socialist media, and liberal politicians are attempting to destroy the economy and life as we know it in this country because they believe that just the presence of humans on the planet is an affront to nature. This collection of non-scientific eco-idiots is using faulty information to make decisions that they are NOT qualified to make based on faulty assumptions that they do not even understand. If either of these bills were passed it would have caused the cost of everything to take a giant leap. This includes all forms of transportation, electricity, food, clothing, etc. Plus, it would have set up an extremely large government bureaucracy that would take years if not forever to disband. This “Cap and Trade Scam” is based on what a few eco-idiots have proclaimed that man-generated carbon dioxide is causing climate change and destroying the planet. Manmade climate change is a complete and total HOAX. The planet has been cooling for the past 25 years. +59 degrees F. is the current average annual global ambient air temperature on the surface of our planet. Here we go again, “The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019” (HR 763)! The fear-mongering, misguided non-scientific environmentalist, redistribution of wealth, and socialist control freaks are at it again. The new wrinkle added to this current movement is the addition of lobbying groups and non-governmental organizations also preaching this nonsense. This is just one more attempt to eliminate our energy independence and bankrupt this country. We real scientists thought we had voted out of office most of the politicians that supported the original “Cap and Trade SCAM” crowd. But now we have a new group of uninformed political science, social engineering environmentalists (brainwashed by the ‘Green New Deal’ socialists) that have raised their ugly heads. This new piece of environmental junk legislation is only a revisit of the old ‘Cap and Trade’ trying to limit energy production by taxing thin air (better known as Carbon Credits). This current misguided non-scientific environmentalist has again confused climate change with air pollution. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not, I repeat, is not air pollution. It is a required component of our atmosphere for all life to exist on the planet. This new attempt to control the population by this non-physical scientific (political science) group must be prevented from taking root. This new legislation under the new name “The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019” (HR 763) must be rejected. This new drive has been sparked by the “Green New Deal” presented by the socialist “squad” led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in this new attempt at redistribution of wealth. The Florida and California representatives have joined forces to produce another piece of junk legislation. The H.R. 3541, “Coastal State Climate Preparedness Act of 2019” was introduced to amend the “Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972”. This is just another attempt to correct a non-existent problem. The doomsday prediction that the oceans are rising is false. It is based on computer-generated simulation based on a statistical analysis algorithm that has been manipulated by the political scientist community. In the real world of physical science and the computer industry at large, this is referred to as ‘garbage in = garbage out’. The “Coastal State Climate Preparedness Act of 2019” is supported and kept alive by many brain-washed groups. One which has reared its ugly head recently in Florida is “The Invading Sea” loosely knit group. They profess in their own words the following: ’The Invading Sea’ is the opinion arm of the Florida Climate Reporting Network, a collaborative of news organizations across the state focusing on the threats posed by the warming climate.” You notice that they are not scientists, only procrastinators of OPINION of their climate religion. The claims of the manmade climate change fanatics that the seas are exponentially rising are false. Over the past 20 years, the seas have risen a minuscule ¼ inch. Also, the seas have receded over 30 feet in the last 500 years. Plus, how can sea level be measured accurately, with so many variables such as the tides from the gravitational pull of the moon constantly changing? The Climate Change subject is only a tool used by the left to redistribute wealth based on ‘Political Science’. A temperature rise is the main cause of a rise in CO2 levels and lags a temperature rise by months sometimes years. More trash Climate Change legislation is being pushed “The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act” (was H.R. 763 – 2019; now reintroduced as H.R. 2307 – 2019/2021). This is just another piece of environmental junk legislation. This push to revisit the old ‘Cap and Trade’ scam trying to limit energy production by taxing thin air. In political circles, this is better known as the old Carbon Credits scam. This is another example of the non-science of the left's belief that CO2 is the cause of Climate Change (morphed from Global Warming, which is now morphing into the bogus Green New Deal). These ill-informed left-leaning socialist environmentalists are using their Climate Change religion as a weapon to control the population and redistribute wealth. “The Inflation Reduction Act” is the latest to add insult to injury. This inflation-producing piece of junk legislation has spending to reduce carbon emissions. This is just another example of the government being duped by environmental extremists. Many of us patriotic Christian senior citizens want to vote the current progressive socialist politicians out of office or impeach them. At a bare minimum, all of these criminals must be arrested and charged with fraud and gross negligence for preaching their climate change religion, their effort to illegally redistribute wealth, and their attempts to bankrupt our country. All of these misguided politicians should be sent straight to prison for life due to their continuously voting to destroy our hard-fought American way of life. We have access to all of their voting records. We have been observing and will continue to observe all of their actions. We will be watching and analyzing all of the votes in the Senate and the House of Representatives, all the speeches they make, and which bills they support and oppose. We are especially concerned with the congressional bribes being used by the leadership of both houses (Schumer and Pelosi) to influence the votes for their socialistic agenda. Termination Day is coming for all progressive, socialistic, liberal agenda-supporting politicians. On November 3, 2020, we attempted to start restoring sanity, honesty, faith, and leadership in the House of Representatives, strengthen the constitutional character in the Senate, and maintain credibility in the Executive Branch. Our country has just gone through a battle for the soul of our nation and lost. The battle was between ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’, but the war has just begun. Plus, we need to reduce the influence of the permanent party (deep state) and the special interest lobbyists in Washington DC. All of these radical progressive, socialist, lawless politicians must be removed from power. If I was to agree with these politicians, we would both be wrong. We have another chance to accomplish this on November 8, 2022, “Vote your conscience”. The latest ploy by these Marxist Politicians is the use of children in their TV ads in an attempt to shame the general public to buy into their agenda. This is the lowest form of indoctrination that this radical climate alarmist has used to date. “Honesty” is the loneliest word in the “Kingdom of Washington D.C.” Please stop this insanity and start using common sense, before it is too late. Sincerely, Terry M. Campbell, ASME, BSEE, MSCS Retired Senior Scientist, Patriotic Veteran & Native Texan Note 1: Qualifications I have multiple engineering, science, and legal University degrees. I have spent over 50 years studying weather in South Florida. I have had over two dozen near misses and 5 direct hits from Hurricanes. One of my responsibilities when I held a 12-year position with the J.I.A.T.F.–South (counter-drug anti-terrorist intelligence agency) in Key West was being the advisor to Hurricane Officer for the command. Therefore, I spent a lot of time studying ocean currents, pressure gradients, and the cause of weather patterns. I had daily access to Navy Ship Ocean Temperature and Ocean Current Raw data; and Air Force Pilot Atmospheric Raw data that affected weather patterns for over 12 years. Therefore, I am well qualified to explain what causes and what does not cause weather changes. Plus, I have spent 30 years designing computers for International Business Machines (IBM), therefore I know a lot about computer simulation, having designed the hardware on which these simulations run. I have designed, programmed, implemented, and run thousands of simulations of many kinds. Note 2: The Why of It All I wrote this original white paper in October of 2009 to vent and let off steam from the UN IPCC claiming to be scientists and giving all real scientists a bad name by association. I have updated this paper several times as politics changed, but the science has remained constant. Note 3: Brief History • Consistently Voting Conservative Patriotic Veteran (US Army,1960-1963) • Retired Senior Scientist (IBM) (1963-1993) • Managed and Coached PBA Little League Team (1973 – 1979) • Provided Water Skiing Instruction for Head Start Program (1974 – 1978) • Retired “JIATF-S” (Counter-Drug and Anti-Terrorist Intelligence) (1993-2005) • Member and Publicist “Silver Stars” (Glen Meadows Baptist Church) (2005-2015) • Butler Farms Home Owner Association BOD (Engineer, 2005-2008) • Member and Publicist “San Angelo Tea Party” (President-2012&13, 2006-2015) • Member and Publicist “San Angelo Pachyderm Club” (Vice President, 2007-2015) • “The Weekly Voice” on (2013-2014) • Published 88 “letters to the editor” in Texas, Tennessee & Florida (2000-2022) • Proud Native TEXAN and Citizen of the United States of America Note 4: Background: I was born in Lubbock, Texas, in 1939, and grew up in northern California (wine country). Was raised Democrat, Southern Baptist, and union supporting. After being discharged from the Army and excepting a position with IBM, I had my eyes opened and changed my political affiliation to Republican. My logically trained mind will automatically derive a hypothesis, then prove it with real facts. I am a thirty-year retired senior scientist, with three scientific degrees (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science) and a legal degree (Intellectual property law); accrued an additional twelve years of experience in counter-drug/anti-terrorist intelligence - JIATF-S (held a compartmentalized above top-secret security clearance - TS/SCI/TK-5A); a U.S. Army veteran; resided in three countries in Europe, two countries in the orient, and lived in six states (from California to Florida) across the southern United States of America. As a result, I have been exposed to, observed, and analyzed a multitude of cultures and belief systems."


  1. Unfortunately, this makes a great deal of sense. I’m in favor of closing the wealth gaps by making opportunities available, NOT by trying to force ‘equity’ of outcomes by creating bogus climate change crises. Terry makes a valiant case for rejecting and exposing ‘political’ science.


    Without reading the article in its entirety, I have one example, and when I ask this question, I usually get the “deer in the headlights” reaction. Here goes…..miliions of years ago in the area we call the Red River Valley on the eastern edge of ND (where Fargo is) there once was a lake from Canada to the South Dakota border. This was Lake Agassiz.

    Most people do not know about this lake because of the lack of visitors to the Red River Valley. Well, the short of it is the lake receded. Why? There was no fossil fuels then…Why can we not admit the earth will change on it’s own? This does not mean we must not work for clean air…but the cure recommended is disastrous.

    • patriot1971

      Barbara’s comment is a perfect example of a person in need of serious education. Look at how articulate she is and possible full of wisdom, or not. She sets the example of what is wrong with the Left, just plain ignorance.

  3. Charlotte

    I feel incredibly sorry for readers like Barbara with such limited foul-mouthed vocabulary. Unable to articulate reasons why she disagrees, she and others on the left resort to cursing and name calling. Poor misguided souls.

    • patriot1971

      Charlotte, I just posted two replies from Barbara. The hate and requested violence from the Left is pronounced. She can not articulate anything that is reasonable and only can spew nastiness. She may be feeling the results of the November 8, 2022 voting and the coming Red Tsunami as the House of Representatives and the Senate convert to Republican control so they can begin putting a stop to the Biden’s administration idiocy. She is unable to refute the initial posting about the Climate Change Hoax in anyway. Lack of education and knowledge I think.

    • Chloe

      Barbara, you project a heart full of hate, misguided and listening to those who don’t know the whole story. Do you know the climate history of our world that goes back thousands of years? Wow! Look at that, we are still here. Everything is cyclical and history repeats itself.

      The democrats are afraid they are going to lose and are running scared. If the left felt their policies were so strong and they were for the people, why feel so threatened, like you are now? Trump isn’t even in office anymore yet that is all you can talk about. Do you ask yourself why? You need to look deep inside yourself and ask that question. I will pray for your soul.

      • patriot1971

        Chloe, well stated. Lots of prayers are needed for people like Barbara. So misguided and troubled. They have to be living a miserable life.

  4. R Brown

    This is a good learning tool for conservatives.

    Notice how the initial thrust of of the communique’ was a presentation of scientific data and conclusions drawn from that data. Also notice that barbara’s response was purely emotional in content, totally void of any intellectual involvement. I suspect, for the most part, that is highly reflective of the intellectual involvement , or lack thereof, of the liberal voter. Politics and voting is largely a purely emotional experience for liberals.

    This constitutes our opposition. We must respond according at the polls to keep stupidity from gaining the upper hand, as it has today in politics.

    • Gil

      Great points, though would you be able to point me towards the scientific data you mentioned? The article makes several data-driven claims but there are some formatting issues on my browser so I may have missed the bibliography or resource links.

  5. R Brown

    Sure, Gil. The original treatise was, admittedly, hard to follow. Let me refer you to the previous blog topic, “How Many Dollars, etc” where much the same ground was covered, I think, in 1/20th of the verbiage.

    Now you may disagree with the theme of that blog content and that’s fine. Just come to the table with something objective that is not driven by someone’s agenda, any agenda. For example, a meteorologist or scientist whose research grant did not come from a solar panel manufacturer. Point is, IMO, this climate issue has a seemingly infinite number of variables and even the rare objective scientist has trouble quantifying the data. Complicating the matter further, even science today has been politicized as evidenced by the covid response fiasco.

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