Racism American Style

Racism is a volunteer action and thought process produced by the person who desires to hate a person just because they have a different color of skin. It is also about power and control over one group by another.

We, as human beings, are not born with racism. We learn it primarily from our parents and friends as we grow up. During that process of growing up, you make choices in your thought processes based on experiences and worldviews. Some people consciously decide that hating another person because of their skin color is an acceptable idea, while others choose to reject that concept.

Racism comes in many different voices. Some direct, while others conduct racism subtlety. The racists of our country actively engage one way or another. The latest racial bias that confronts “We the People” appears to be systemic racism. A term I have often heard for the past 50 years. The name is just as easy to throw around as the charge of being a racist is thrown around. Being called a racist is a vile charge. It is like being called a child molester or rapist. Once characterized, it is almost impossible to convince anyone you know to believe otherwise. That is precisely why the Democratic Socialists use the charge when speaking about Republican Conservatism. It is hard to shed that label.

Using this vile character assassination word for labeling is a tactic by the Left formed out of the Democratic plank of their party of Identity Politics, nothing more. They are bound and determined to label all peoples with white skin racists as long as you are a Conservative. The word used so many times it lacks the punch it used to have when accused. It is like the word “Hero,” a name overused and is meaningless.

Identity politics is a main staple of the Democratic Party. Identity politics is a tool to separate people and pigeonhole them into groups, so the propaganda machine of the DNC can agitate one group against another. The DNC effectively blames all Conservative white Americans for racism, and black Americans fed a long line of propaganda about being suppressed by white Republican Americans. Also, as part of the propaganda machine, black Americans, and brown Americans as well as others, are routinely told that white Americans are the only group in the World that can be racist. Indeed, this is not true just based on common sense. Any person, regardless of the color of their skin, can be a racist—just a look at Al Sharpton. A black person, an alleged person of the cloth, and a community organizer is one of the most racist people in America, and he hates whites unless you are a Liberal. You become a useful tool for his hate. He is also anti-Semitic and supports Louis Farrakhan, the leader of a black Muslim group who is a racist.

The question that looms is systemic racism in America. The word implies that all organizations and institutions are racists and practice racism to suppress every non-white person in America. That is blatantly false. The biggest systemic racist group in America is the Democratic Party. Their history proves they are the party of racists. The Democrats have ever since the Civil War ending in 1865 has continuously fought against every attempt to promote harmony, civil rights, and the true freedom of non-white Americans.

The Democratic Party supports the ideals of the KKK. Democratic Senators and Representatives, as well as Presidents, have been and continue to be racists. President Woodrow Wilson was a known racist and supporter of the KKK. President Lyndon B. Johnson was a racist. Margret Sanger started what has become known as Planned Parenthood as part of eugenics or the elimination of non-white Americans, notable the black Americans and Chinese Americans through abortion. She was also a supporter of the KKK. Senator Byrd of West Virginia was an active member of the KKK and held high office within that racist group.

Once the Democratic Party figured out they needed additional voters, they started their own “Plantation” by promising black Americans jobs and cleverly disguised their efforts by creating welfare programs under President Johnson with free giveaways to lock in a voting bloc. Black America is coming out from under the suppression of the Democratic Party. They are thinking on their own and realizing that the promises of the Democratic Party for the past 80 years has been nothing more than a tactic to get their votes and return nothing to them as a group of people intentionally keeping them in a constant “State of Need.” The DNC is in a panic losing votes. Black America is waking up after being fooled for 80 years, transitioning to the Republican Party.

As stated in my previous post, I will be glad when Americans are just called Americans without the labeling of “African” American, or “Chinese” American, or “Japanese” American or “European” American. It should be simple. If you are a citizen of the United States, you are an American period. Keeping us apart using terms for efforts of Identity Politics is divisive and has only one meaning. That meaning is division, polarizing groups to hate other groups. By just reverting to calling each person an American regardless of their skin color promotes harmony, promotes one set of rights as declared in our founding documents, and stops Systemic Racism. The Systemic Racism issue has nothing to hang onto if we start calling each other Americans and not promote one race over another.


  1. Jerry Pyles

    Well written Henry… Few people seem to remember that the Democratic party really started racism decades ago. Dinesh D’Souza did a movie commentary about the real Democratic Party – Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. If anyone hasn’t seen it, go find it and watch it. And sad to say, my view of the first U.S. black president set back race relations 50 years…He could have done so much more to bring the country together.

  2. Karen

    Hi Henry,
    This article is SPOT ON!
    Thank you again for including me on your blog. I read EVERY article and find them interesting and thought provoking.


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