The Battle for the United States of America

I have intentionally been quiet since my last posting on this blog. As is my style, I watch and observe the significant issues of the day. In our country, several topics continuously catch my attention. Unfortunately, issues interlock with each other and appear for the moment a driving force in the destruction of a once-great country.

The issues at hand are critical race theory (CRT), Marxist ideology found in BLM and ANTIFA, politician’s lack of will to deal with these issues, and guns and crime. The driving force behind all these topical areas is a concerted effort by Marxists to undermine our court system, our law enforcement efforts, and our political structure. Destroying the authorities that govern this country will surely bring about its collapse just as assuredly as the collapse of a condo in Florida. I have always stated that if a man builds or constructs anything, it will eventually fail if not properly maintained or is built with counterfeit parts.

Properly maintaining this country is up to us, the people of this Republic. It is done by electing the officials to positions that support the concept of this country and are willing to work hard to maintain it. The counterfeit parts are the various ideologies that want to change this country: Marxists, Socialism, Islam, the Russian Government, and the Chinese Government. However, the worst offenders are hiding in plain sight, The Democratic Party. Look at the makeup of the Democratic Party. They have representatives from the ideologies I just identified. Every day a new lie is pushed by the elitist media, and the Democratic representatives are all too willing to help push the lie. One lies, and the other swears it is true. This tactic is a massive propaganda effort.

The biggest lie is CRT. Everyone that is white is a racist. This gambit is not only destructive to this country, but it also erodes the thinking of free men and women as a psychological ploy to undermine your will. Your resistance to this group think of CRT is mandatory. I applaud those parents in various parts of the country fighting back against the Marxist ideology of CRT and their accomplices, the school board. The teacher’s union has a plan. Recognize what their agenda is all about, the absolute control of your children and grandchildren, nothing less. In so doing, they ensure a future with children believing that the United States was founded on a false premise. It was not! The battle for this country lies in the minds and thoughts of the young.

The attack on Christianity is another ploy to undermine your free will. The Christian church has its problems, and there are fake Christians that are all too willing to throw in the towel and succumb to Marxist ideology or Islam. Look at the person who sits in the oval office claiming to be a Christian or Catholic yet actively involved in the wholesale murder of unborn babies. His vice president is no different. The speaker of the house is the same as the president. Her fellow democrats support this slaughter of the innocents. Turning their backs on God will eventually bring the wrath of God upon this country. The days of Noah are at hand. But just like in the days of Noah, no one is listening, only a few. I strongly urge those willing to listen to open your ears and minds to what is coming. Choose a side quickly because soon the door will be closing and there will not be a second chance.

Every day we see an increase in violence. Chicago being the prime example, followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, and other democratic led cities. Has anyone noticed that these issues are not as prevalent in republican led cities? There is crime there also, but not anywhere near what goes on in those cities that continuously elect democrats. The democrats blame guns. That is a straw man argument. That is like saying a group of firearms got together last night and decided to go out and shoot up the people. It is a people problem. The people in office that make the flawed policies are guilty. The people that are inherently criminals, such as gangs, are the ones at fault. They are shooting people who do not vote, making it a non-issue to those in power. If the Democratic base is not impacted, let them kill each other is the working policy of those cities. However, they want to blame guns because that is an issue that blocks the take over of the country by Marxists.

I suggest to the law enforcement personnel to retire or find another kind of work. Let those cities collapse under the weight of faulty policies and so-called leadership. Let them reap the fruits of their misguided thinking. Meanwhile, the rest of the population in this country has and will continue to arm themselves for what will come.

One last thought. I have a person trolling this blog. They identify themselves as “Sally,” and I have no idea if that person is a man, woman, or another gender that may exist. What I do know is they use a fictitious email address that changes each time they post. Their IP address is found in a series of addresses in Eastern Europe. Based on numerous comments, they are clearly in the far-left area of their thinking. They are dishonest right from the start with fake email addresses, which they say is to protect themselves. This is a far-left tactic. They will read this post blog again. I do not deal with dishonesty. Using fakery (sic) to get your point across is a non-starter.

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  1. Ed Sullivan

    I started fighting the ultra-leftist/communist professors during the late 1960s at a place I called Berkeley East, ie: UMASS Amherst. At that time they where still in the minority but not anymore. WE THE PEOPLE have stood by and allowed our entire education system to be controlled by Marxist ideology and until just recently, we ignored the indoctrination of our children. When over 70% of college students polled HATE the United States, the Marxists have almost realized their dream. They are only the inundation of our children’s minds with CRT away from that utopian, Marxist HELL. With anyone who identifies as Conservative branded as a “Right Wing Radical” or worse a “Domestic Terrorist” by the current fraudulent administration and media. With the CJCOS, pushing CRT on the US Military and purging all of the war fighters, we are very close to having the US Military used against the American people.

    All of use who spent most of their adult lives fighting for this Nation are watching the utter destruction of the Republic by the nefarious actions of the DNC and their minions.

  2. Stephen Hanig

    You are spot on with your comments. I couldn’t agree more. To add to this “ they” are now talking about going door to door to Jab people. Charlie Kirk is fighting back. Where is the outrage about this? Why aren’t more people upset about this infringement? Plus I read today where one of the senior (not going to go look for that right now) officials of the biden administration stated it is the governments right to know who is and who isn’t vaxxed. Really? What is happening to our rights? Universities, colleges and schools are requiring vaccinations in order to have in school learning. They should not be able to do this. Why are parents not going crazy about this? I’d pull my kids and go to another school. At least in some states parents are speaking out about the CRT. How can people not see how dangerous this is and let them get away with this crap.

    I think the left is better at the narrative. The right doesn’t have a national platform. They are disorganized and thus dysfunctional. Trump is not the answer now. He can play a pivotal role but we need a person who can Unite “the Party.” The right has a great opportunity in 22 and 24 after this giggling, dysfunctional and read by the numbers resident. Censorship again.

  3. Rick Adelmann

    Well written, Henry. The biggest danger of CRT is the meddling of the minds of our young people. Remember going to school when we were young? We didn’t have a race problem. We made friends with black or white despite their color. We choose our friends by their character and sociability. Now, the schools will tell the students of color that the white students are racists and can’t be trusted. The powers that be want to build a wall between our children, a wall of hatred, distrusts, and untruth. CRT must be stopped for our children’s sake and the sake of our future.

  4. Kenneth W. Minton

    I’ve taught as an adjunct at a half-dozen colleges and universities and still teach at two. By and large, the full-time faculty are liberal, some very much. I’ve found that part-time faculty, who have usually worked in the fields they teach, are often conservative-libertarian, as am I. I teach in the criminal justice criminology field and certainly have strong views on the Second Amendment, free speech, freedom or religion, and supporting our criminal justice system. I don’t hide it in my classrooms and on several occasions students tell me they appreciate getting the other side of the picture, as most other faculty members have opposite views and most text books are liberal in nature. I do not deduct from student grades for including opposing views. I just wish the liberal faculty would render the same courtesy to their students. The emphasis in criminology on framing so much by race is very disheartening. I look back to my K-12 education and we celebrated the melting pot and how each person brings their own heritage to the mix, but we all adopt common values. Now I’m afraid, they celebrate diversity and the differences in people, not the commonalities. Hopefully, the pendulum will switch back to what our teachers taught us, not the CRT indoctrination of today.

    • patriot1971

      Ken, I do not believe the CRT theory will go away anytime soon. Parents will have to step in and reinforce the CRT as crap and push back against the teachers. If the teachers threaten the students with a lower grade because they have different opinions, then a parent needs to take some type of action that threatens the teacher, such as a civil law suit.

  5. Ron Brown

    I listened to a discussion on the radio between a libertarian and the superintendent of public schools in Washington State on CRT. The announcer had a dozen concrete examples of CRT in the classroom and the superintendent stated it was not being taught because it is not codified in the state’s curriculum. Therefore CRT did not exist despite the examples given. And as superintendent, he would not accept responsibility for any CRT in the classroom and would not acknowledge the possibility. He also refused to even define CRT. He said if examples exist, go to the local school in question.

    The left and the right cannot agree on terminology, reality or even communicate with each other anymore. Solutions cannot be reached if meaningful communication cannot take place. Wars and conflict happen when meaningful communication fails.

    • patriot1971

      I believe that the left dodges the bullet when they try and re-label something they find most people disagree with in order to hide their agenda. Common tactic for sure.

  6. The Democrats want us all to believe we’re born with original sin as Americans! Where did the resistance to this blatant elitism go? Back in my day, any decent person would proudly stand against the slaughtering of infants and the word racist was reserved for those with true hatred in their heart! Sometime in the last 2 decades or so, something terrible gained a foothold in our country – when did it start? Where did we go wrong? Won’t somebody please think of the children?

  7. Esther Harwell

    I am late to the party. My take on CRT is that it is nothing more then an attempt to indoctrinate our children into believing if you are white, you are racist. How sad. What happened to giving all views and letting someone make informed decisions on their own? The far left wants a bunch of compliant robots, who question nothing and just accept what they put out. Parents need to step up and fight. Teach our children what we were all taught decades ago. We ALL have the same opportunities, if we want them.

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