A Biblical Perspective of Today

Strictly for clarification, I am not a theologian of any kind. I am just another human being occupying a small space on this planet. I am unabashedly a Christian and believe in my heart and mind there is a God, His Son; Jesus died for our sins and rose on the third day from the grave and is our savior. The only way into the afterlife with Him is by believing in Jesus and His promise of salvation. I start this blog from that position and belief.

I’ve been discussing with many people the various events in our country and the world. They have all indicated in one way or another that we are in the End Times described in the scriptures of the Bible. I’m afraid I have to disagree. I believe we are in the “Last Days” versus the “End Times.”

If you read the Bible’s Description of the End Times, you’ll find the description of the End Times horrific and the worst things imaginable happening to the people and the earth. That is God’s wrath, and He has every intention of carrying his wrath out. He has warned us for thousands of years about what is coming. The prophecies in the Bible number some three hundred plus, and each prophecy has come true because it is God’s Word, and scholars are saying that three-quarters of those prophecies have come to pass as described in the scriptures. That means we have a third more to see come to fruition.

One of the most remarkable prophecies to unfold in our time, maybe of all time, has been the re-establishment of Israel as a country and the gathering of Jews as they return to Israel from all over the world after two thousand years of being scattered. The country of Israel was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Roman Army when they destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. They enslaved the Jews and scattered them to the four corners of the known earth at that time. Jesus predicted this event and said the Gentiles would rule over Jerusalem until the time has passed for his return. No other civilization has ever reestablished itself after being destroyed and enslaved in human history. None! It is truly a sign of God’s Word of Truth that Israel was reestablished, and Jews from around the world returned. Jerusalem was returned to the control of the Jews in 1967. Israel was established as the single home of the Jews on May 14, 1948. These two events are proof that God does exist, and His Word is True. (Isaiah 43:1-13), Ezekiel 39:28), (Isaiah 11:12), (Psalm 107:3), (Ezekiel 20:41-42), (Zechariah 10:9), (Luke 21:24-28), (Matthew 24:14), and (Jeremiah 30:2, 10).

Now, about us. Our country has and is turning its back on God. That is a simple undisputed fact of our time. As in the days of Noah when he built the Ark, he warned everyone about what was coming. He was mocked. No one believed him. They all perished because of being exceedingly wicked in thought and deed. When given a chance to accept God and to make those changes needed, they refused. God gave us all “free will.” Free Will is the ability to reason, make choices, and decide what is best and true. In Noah’s time, bad decisions were made.

Those times are upon us again. The world is once again moving toward destruction. This time it will be fire and brimstone (sulfur), not floods. No man can stand up to God’s wrath, none. Choosing what you believe in will seal your fate one way or the other. Not everyone will make the right choice. Unfortunately, more will choose the easy road, ultimately leading to hell. Free Will allows that choice. Turning your life over to God may be viewed as a hard choice, but in the end, you will live instead of dying. Seeking forgiveness and salvation is a sign of strength. Seeking the easy path is a sign of weakness. We have all sinned in the sight of God. Please make no mistake about it. Not one of us is free of sin. Seek forgiveness and believe in the salvation of Jesus’s offering. That sounds simple, but you will need the strength to ask. It is never easy admitting you have been wrong and a sinner.

I encourage each reader to examine yourself and decide where you want to be when it comes to God. No one knows the time, the day, or hour of the return of Jesus. However, a wise man recognizes the season (paraphrased), read (Matthew 24:36-41). The Last Days are the season. Please educate yourselves. Start now as time grows short. Read what Jesus said about the fig tree (Matthew 24:32) and know and understand, His word is true and will come to pass.

The secularization of this country is speeding along at a rate that I find astonishing. When countries like China, Russia, Japan, or the United Kingdom make the government their god, they are moving to ruin. Look at the United States. Are we not moving in that direction? Some would say, “Great, that is where we want to be, free of religious restrictions. We can depend on the government for everything. They keep us safe and pay our medical bills.” That is Socialism and will be the downfall of this once great country. Can you not see it coming?

The New World Order is coming. Fear will allow it to descend on us as socialists take over the power of our government. The elite will rule while the rest of us will be sitting around dumbfounded at how this happened. Those that reject Christ will be embracing the many evils of the Anti-Christ and his forerunner, which very well may come disguised as Socialism, one world order, or any other name that seduces the people to believe in everything else but God.

A reporter, Phil Zuckerman, Los Angeles Op-Ed writer titles his latest article, “Why America’s record of godlessness is good news for the nation.” The article goes on the explain the government is better to believe in than God. That is where we are at. What is your decision?


  1. Ed Sullivan

    I was removed from the Catholic Church because I REFUSED to believe the Pope was INFALLIBLE in ALL THINGS (Vatican I). When I arose and stated that only one being has ever stood on this Earth as INFALLIBLE and the Popes name IS NOT JESUS. I am a sinner, as all people are, but I believe in our Savior. I am a Warrior of God, if I am to die in HIS service, I willingly do it. I will be crucified before I EVER take the mark of the Beast, they will only brand it upon my corpse, my SOUL will be with the LORD.

  2. John Lopes

    One of the wonderful gifts God gave us is free will, a conscience, the ability to know right from wrong, good vs evil, and truth vs lies. I find it astonishing today that so many people stand with the lies that embody our culture. Even worse, how totally apathetic, fearful, disinterested and naive people, including family and friends, are while accepting corruption, lies, and evil actions as normal. There is no middle ground in this battle. I am so thankful for all God has done for me and I stand with Him to the end. I ask my family and friends where they stand. When we leave this planet and go before God, what will you say when he asks you, why did you stand with evil, knowingly or not, that sought to destroy my teachings or remain ignorant. Ignorance redeems no one. A Quote from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano,” It is no longer possible to remain silent, because today our silence would make us accomplices of the enemies of God and of the human race. Millions of faithful are disgusted by the countless scandals of the Pastors, by the betrayal of their mission, by the desertion of those who by Holy Orders are called to bear witness to the Holy Gospel and not to support the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist. ”

  3. Paivikki Buchwalter

    How awesome it will be when we finally meet the Lord face to face. The soon coming rapture will be the first time in the history of humanity the church will be all together in one place.

    Out of curiosity I checked the Bible (ESV) for the “last days” and the “end times”. “Last days” occurs 5 times and all in the NT. “End time(s)”, “end of time(s)” are not found in the text. “End of the age” is found 6 times and all in the NT. It is always with the definite article.

    I know, OCD….

    • Henry

      Clearly this is an example of free will. A choice made freely to deny God exists. I suggest you read a book called, “23 Minutes in Hell” and rethink your decision.

    • Paivikki Buchwalter

      But no one who pays attention to the daily news will yawn at biblical truth presented. Of course that requires the knowledge of the scripture as well as the knowledge of the present world events.
      May I be of help to you concerning the scripture and/or the present world events as they relate to the scripture?

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