Are You or Aren’t You Taking the Shot?

For the past several weeks to a month, there has been a final push on taking the COVID shot. I received two letters from the Veterans Administration telling me to step up and be a Patriot and serve my country one more time by taking the COVID shot at the nearest V.A. Clinic. I was pissed, to put it mildly. Veterans have done more for their country than the two buttheads that signed the letter, The VA Administrator and the Secretary of HHS, have ever done.

The media and the current administration have hammered everyone to get the shot. If we do not get it, we are called various names and accused of infecting everyone in the known universe. Their propaganda is backfiring. The more they push, threaten and try to shame, true Americans push back. Americans push back automatically because no one likes to be intimidated by the government and their socialist lackeys. The government refuses to understand if they would stop lying to us and present truthful evidence on the shot and allow people to make up their minds. They would be surprised at how effective that would be in people stepping forward to take the shot. The imbecilic attitude at NIH, CDC, and the White House can not engage their brains along those lines. That is because they do not have the best interests of this country at heart. They simply want to control everything because the people that follow them think the government has all the answers. Those that follow that thinking are warm and comfy in their little cocoon and echo chamber. No one has confidence in those institutions anymore.

Each person has the absolute right to decide whether taking an experimental vaccination is right for them based on their circumstances and health issues. Do your research. Decide what you believe is correct information and what is not. Review your health.

My point is everyone is different. No one should criticize anyone else for taking the shot or not taking the shot. The media and the government have confused what information is good and what information is bad. In violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the White House has instructed “Big Tech” to remove any adverse information from their platforms. This makes “Big Tech” an agent of the government violating our freedom of speech.

I have friends that were medically compromised. They decided not to take the shot. They both got COVID, survived, and are doing well. They are both 75 years old. Another friend, while in the hospital for a surgical procedure, got COVID, recovered from it, and is doing well. She decided on taking the shot while the other couple did not. Another set of friends took the shot after being tested positive; he was asymptomatic. He got sicker than a dog, and his wife had nothing happen to her after taking the shot. I have several friends take the shot and were just fine afterward. My point is simply, COVID impacts each person differently, as does the shot. There are no guarantees about anything in life. The government and the media need to report the truth to the public to make our own informed decisions and stop jerking us around with the information as they try to garner favor with the public.

A perfect example of the stupidity of this administration is allowing thousands of illegal aliens into the country, knowing some of these people are positive for COVID, and sending them to States like Florida, where spikes are starting to appear. The administration then blames those leaders in that State for not locking down, forcing mask-wearing, and pushing everyone to get the shot. They have made a medical issue political.

Common sense tells me that if I have had COVID, the antibodies are my best defense against a relapse over taking a shot and the shot is not necessary. If I take a shot, it will be because I feel it is essential for my health after weighing all the risks involved. I will not be shamed into the shot, and I will not be forced into the shot. I will make my decision as a free-thinking and intelligent person.

Has the government lied to all of us about the COVID spread and how dangerous it is, including the Delta Variant? The same language is being used to convince us that if you do not take the shot the Delta Variant will get you because it is more highly contagious. The protein spikes are more “sticky” and will attach to your lungs easier than the original virus. Is that true? It may or may not be. Decide for yourself.

Masks continue to be debated. My research found some rather sobering news. Do masks stop the spread of COVID and other diseases ( One of the interesting studies that researchers did from BYU was comparing 115 plus research studies worldwide on mask usage and discovered some important facts. One of those facts is a lockdown is counterproductive. I strongly recommend you read the information. The research is ten times clearer than what Dr. Fauci puts out. None of this research is explained to the public. By the way, what has happened to the flu? It has disappeared! When flu season shows up each year, why have we not been told to mask up? Why is it just COVID-19?

The choice is taking the shot or not. It depends on your evaluation, your critical thinking, and common sense and circumstances.

Right now, it is being reported the shot does not prevent you from catching COVID. If you have the shot and have COVID, you can pass it on to others. However, if you do come down with the Chinese virus and have had the shot, your chances of survival are better than if you had not taken the shot. The mRNA is still questionable on how it will impact your immune system in the future. We may not know for several years. The decision is yours, and yours alone. You are not required to share your decision with anyone. Any business establishment trying to force you into a position not to enter to eat or do business unless you are vaccinated is socialism 101 bullying.

Those who say taking the shot is like taking the mark of the beast (Revelation 14:9) are sadly misinterpreting scripture. As described in Revelation, the Mark of the Beast will be a willful act by the individual, and the mark will appear prominently on the right hand or forehead. The person taking such a mark will know without a doubt what the mark is and stands for as it will be their choice and free will that allows it. No shot contents surreptitiously, inserting something into you will be the mark of the beast. It is nonsense.


  1. Susan Hall

    I’ve been reading contradictory reports on the delta variant. Someone is publishing misleading information and since the govt is not reliable to tell the truth, they are suspect.

    I’ve studied bible prophesy for 50 years, and in my opinion, your explanation of the “mark of the beast” is correct. Thanks for your blog, Henry!

  2. Paivikki Buchwalter

    Here is a study that shows vaccinated people contracted COVID more frequently than unvaccinated people:

    It should be noted that no one knows how many people were vaccinated and how many were not in the exposed population. At the time of the event in Massachusetts the vaccination level in USA was about 50%, while in Massachusetts it was about 60%. Since not all attendants were from MA, but came from other locations in US, it may be assumed the vaccination rate was somewhere below 60% but above 50%.

    To die from COVID you must first be infected with it.

    To attempt to sort out the true information from misinformation today is a Herculean task. One thing one can do in view that task is to ask the question: Why?

    Why do we need to give a lottery entry for vaccination?
    Why do we need to give free fries, donuts, coffee…. for vaccination?
    Why is “my body, my choice” not true anymore?
    Why can I not read opposing medical and scientific studies on the vaccines?
    Why are therapeutics not supported?
    Why was EUA given while there are valid therapeutics?
    Why the coercion to get the vaccine?
    Why is the Nuremberg code being violated?
    Why is the southern border wide open allowing entry by potentially COVID infected people by the thousands?
    Why did Event 201 conveniently take place in October 2019?

    Just a thought: should Orwell’s 1984 be the first one on the must read list?

  3. Julie Brown

    What the so-called leaders of this country don’t understand is these glaring facts that don’t make sense:
    1) The citizens watched them on tv stating they would refuse to take the shot because Donald Trump made arrangements to have the vaccine available – now they are pushing the same shot?! Did they really get the shot? If not, maybe that is why they are continuing to force the mask mandate!!
    2) In June of 2020, why were any medications doctors found that combat the disease (that have been proved safe for 50 years) banned from being prescribed and the doctors who speak out about it are threatened to lose their license. Why??
    3) In the beginning, we were told only the people that have a chance of getting critically ill needed to get the shot – now they want to force this unproven drug on everyone, even healthy individuals and children in which there is a .001% chance of serious illness or death. Why??

    People are not asking questions – just following instructions without thinking about the consequences. We got the jab so we could travel, but to where? They are shutting down countries quickly.

    I’ve heard of this book, Sheep No More by Jonathan Gilliam former Navy Seal who urges people to step back and take a look around. Ask questions – be a sheepdog for this country – not a sheep!!

  4. christin wuestenhoefer

    I will not get the shot. I find it interesting that a parent can opt out of childhood vaccines but they are all but paying people to get this vaccine. I have natural immunity for now anyway. I have asked my children not to get it. However, I helped my 80 year old mom get it. I feel like it was the only way she would ever see her grand kids again. To each his own. Now, in my business, We have vaxxed people coming in and accusing unvaxxed people of getting all the vaxxed people sick. Even going so far as to say, if everyone would just get vaccinated it would solve everything.

    I am so shocked at how educated people are so quick to jump on this band wagon. The whole thing is way too fishy. All I can say is good luck to everyone vaxxed or unvaxxed. Hopefully we all come out the other end in good shape.

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