The Big Liars

The Big Liars
By: Judd Garrett
Objectivity is the Objective
June 22, 2022

For the past year and a half, Democrat politicians and their allies in the liberal media have been talking a lot about “the big lie”. The expression “the big lie” has been repeated so often during the January 6th committee hearings that it feels like the hearings were held specifically to disprove “the big lie”. “The big lie” is the belief that voter fraud was committed in the 2020 Presidential election as a result of unconstitutionally changing voting laws in battleground states which allowed for universal mail-in ballots and unsecured drop boxes, and which did away with security measures such as voter ID and signature match.

“The big lie” is wondering out loud how Joe Biden received 81 million votes when he barely campaigned, and the times he did campaign, he could not even get 20 cars to show up to a car rally in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. “The big lie” is anyone wondering how somebody who did not receive one delegate in his party’s primary the first two times he ran for President and needed the DNC to manipulate the 2020 primary in his favor for him to win the nomination, motivated his base such an extent that he received 11 million more votes than any other Democrat Presidential candidate in the history of our country. Anyone who asks those questions, according to the committee, is propagating “the big lie”.

The same people who call questioning the results of the 2020 election “the big lie”, gaslight us daily on almost every issue. One week after the election, before every race had been decided, without doing one recount, without doing a forensic investigation of the election, the Democrats told us that the 2020 election was “the most secure in our history”. It was impossible to make that claim at that time, and anyone who made that statement was lying – the facts, the evidence, the proof, and the investigation were not in yet to make that claim. It appeared that they were trying to get out ahead of the story to control the narrative.

The same people who claim that anyone who questions the 2020 Presidential election results is engaged in insurrection were some of the very people who questioned the results of the 2000, 2004, and 2016 Presidential elections when their candidate lost. So, when they question the results of a Presidential election and don’t vote to certify the results, they are being patriotic. But when we do it, we are insurrectionists.

These are the same people who falsely claimed that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 Presidential election from Hilary Clinton. And their false claims forced the country to suffer through a two-and-a-half-year Russian Collusion investigation based solely on their lies. Adam Schiff, who is a member of the January 6th committee, falsely claimed during the Russia collusion investigation that he had “ample evidence” that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin when none existed. And now he says that he has “definitive proof” that Donald Trump committed insurrection but has never presented this so-called “definitive proof”.

The Democrats have told us over and over again that January 6th was an insurrection when it’s virtually impossible to commit an insurrection when none of the “insurrectionists” were armed. How do you overthrow a government protected by the most powerful army in the world without weapons? They continue to call the rioters at the Capital “insurrectionists” even though none have been charged with insurrection. Yet, months before January 6th, the same Democrats told us that violent riots which tore through our major cities for 5 months that killed, torched, wounded, maimed, and fire bombed were “peaceful protests”.

The Democrats claim that January 6th was an insurrection, but they supported the BLM rioters who on May 31, 2020, set fire to St. John’s church next to the White House, and violently attacked the perimeter fence of the White House which wounded 60 secret service agents and sent the President into hiding into an underground bunker.

All of these people tell us demonstrable lies every day. Joe Biden, Mark Milley, and the many the people at the Pentagon have told us that our withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 was a “success” as they left behind thousands of American citizens, tens of billions of dollars of sophisticated weaponry in the hands of our enemy and allowed Kabul to fall into the control of the Taliban within in days of our withdrawal. A complete failure that we all witnessed with our own two eyes, is being characterized by the Democrats as a success.

Democrat politicians tell us that our southern border is secure as millions of illegal immigrants and record amounts of fentanyl flood across our southern border daily, as they are flying planes full of illegal immigrants to the interior of the United States, and as over 100 thousand Americans die of drug overdoses each year as a result of our wide-open southern border.

Joe Biden has been telling us that Vladimir Putin is the cause of inflation, and why gas prices have tripled when we all know that inflation and gas prices had been increasing dramatically long before Russia invaded Ukraine. Biden denies that the executive orders he signed on his first day in office terminating the Keystone XL Pipeline and canceling drilling leases on federal lands caused the increase in gas prices, yet he flew to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela begging them to produce more oil to make up for the drop in our domestic oil production as a result of his executive orders.

Joe Biden and Janet Yellen are telling us that the United States economy is not headed for a recession when many economic indicators point in that direction, and the Fed’s policy to increase interest rates most likely will trigger a recession. They also tell us that the best way to reduce inflation is to increase government spending which was the cause of inflation in the first place.

The same people calling us liars supported a woman who claimed without evidence that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her over 30 years ago, but she could not name the place, the day, the month, the year that this alleged assault occurred, and had no evidence or corroborating witnesses. The Democrats also supported a woman who without any proof claimed that Justice Kavanaugh committed gang rape 30 years ago.

The left tells us that white people are inherently racist and irrevocably evil, and black people are perpetual victims. They also tell us that white people who never owned slaves must pay reparations to black people who never were slaves to make up for slavery that ended 155 years ago when 364,511 Union soldiers laid down their lives fighting and winning a war to free the slaves.

And Joe Biden claims that domestic terrorism by white supremacists is the biggest threat to our country as Antifa and Black Lives Matter engaged in over 500 riots over the last 2 years, as 140 Catholic Churches in the US have been attacked by left-wing radicals since 2020, as pro-abortion groups have attacked 24 pro-life organizations in the last month, as a left-wing radical tried to assassinate a conservative Supreme Court Justice, and another tried to assassinate a Republican mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky.

The left tells us that there are 81 different genders and that “they” and “them” are pronouns that refer to one person. They tell us that a man can become a woman and a woman become a man, that a man could have a baby and a woman can father a child, and then they claim they are the party of science.

The left tells us that killing a baby is healthcare, which must be funded by the government. They also tell us, “Keep your hands off my body” as they are ripping the arms and legs off of babies’ bodies.

The left told us that defunding the police reduces crime, that disarming law-abiding citizens protects the citizen, and that letting violent criminals out on low bail, no bail and early parole makes communities safer.

Democrat politicians claimed that Covid-19 which originated in Wuhan, China didn’t come from the bio-lab in Wuhan that was performing gain of function research on SARS-Covid viruses. Instead, they claim it came from a pangolin in a wet market in Wuhan. They also told us that wearing a mask and getting a vaccine was not for our own protection, but the protection of other people.

Democrats call Republicans fascists as they, themselves, are passing laws and creating government boards that strip American citizens of our first, second, fourth, fifth, and fourteenth amendment rights.

The left tells us that the founding of the United States of America was in 1619, not in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed or in 1787 when the United States Constitution was ratified.

Democrats warn us that climate change will bring a summer of ‘blackouts, destruction, and death’ when it is their dramatic shift to renewable energy to combat climate change that causes the blackouts, and the destruction and death.

When pathological liars accuse you of lying that means there is a good chance you are very close to the truth.

Questioning the results of the 2020 Presidential election is not a lie – big or small. Wondering out loud if all 22 million more votes from the previous election were legitimate is not propagating a falsehood. It is called asking a legitimate question. It is patriotic. It is Constitutional. It is supporting our democratic process, not undermining it. Refusing to question the legitimacy of our elections, silencing those who do, or turning a blind eye to potential voter fraud is undermining our elections. The Democrats make the charge of “the big lie” so often that they fall under the suspicion of “protesting too much”. Their immediate evidence-free claim that the 2020 election was the “most secure in history”, the continual parroting of the charge of “the big lie”, and the use of the one-sided January 6th hearings to defend the election results more than the prosecuted rioters, all adds further suspicion of them because innocent people do not usually act guilty.

The big lie is “the big lie” told by a bunch of known liars.


  1. Ron Brown

    I confess, I don’t really know how to process this 6 Jan event. The totally biased committee has displayed such venom that no lie is too big, no manipulation of data and news coverage is too egregious to get their corrupt point across. I refuse to even pay attention to the grossly slanted and totally dishonest coverage of this event and as a result, have watched and read nothing on it. Something happened for sure but there is no truth to what is out there for us to consume to know anything truthful about it. My reaction to lies is to ignore.

  2. John Lopes

    The “BigLie” and all that it encompasses has to be one of the greatest psy-ops in history. Fear drives the narrative and many are easily lead. Fear of being canceled, attacked, or fired from their job has become normal. The indoctrination of our kids from preschool through college is destroying generations. The media, sports, entertainment business, corporations, medical, schools, and even the military are promoting and establishing Critical Race Theory and the radical left agenda. It’s very evident that their actions are leading to destroy and divide the country. So the question is, how to we take back freedom and stop WEF rule? Something that we’ve all been accustomed to in our comfortable lives is freedom but are surrendering it because of fear. Maybe the solution comes slowly, exposing the lies one drop at a time. Or when much greater truths are exposed indicting all those behind the curtain. Are you ready to wear a mask again, stand 6’ apart, or close your businesses again? Or something much worse. This time just say no!

    • patriot1971

      The several responses on this blog are illuminating to the issues at hand. The “Big Lie” has to be dealt with in a forthright manner and everyone must take a stand, not just a few. Our life’s are indeed comfortable and there is a danger in that comfort, the Left count on it. Each time the ugliness of this “Big Lie” raises its head and speaks the evil it represents, everyone needs to push back in any way they can. I have family members like a lot of people that are invested in the “Big Lie” and believe it. They may or may not respond to this blog, but they are always included. Push back every chance you get. I will not live in a country or society that seeks to rule my mind and body, as if they owned it. I will fight to my death in defending everyone’s rights as established by the US Constitution.

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