Will the Fourth of July Disappear?

Happy Fourth of July 2022 to all Americans. Our great country and what it stands for is in a mortal struggle for relevance as it declines into oblivion. All countries, regardless of who and what they stand for, eventually fail and collapse into a heap of rumple. The most dramatic, of course, are countries designed after Socialism. I mention Socialism only because that is the snake wrapping itself around our values, flag, and society, slowly choking the life out of our country.

We have a genuinely evil President in Joey Biden, aka Cornpop fighter. Almost every utterance he makes is a lie. His Vice President is not much better. Mrs. Giggles is an embarrassment, and I am not sure which is a worse embarrassment, the Vice President or the President. Biden has zero understanding of economics or business and is driving this country into an inflation hole that will take years to recover. His purposeful policies and decisions are meant to destroy this country. I am not buying this behind-the-scenes crap about him being manipulated by Obama, Jarrett, Rice, or anyone else. Biden is doing this of his own free will. Granted, he has no idea how his decisions cut the average citizen to pieces, making the struggle for day-to-day existence harder. Still, his decisions are ignorant, if not outright stupid.

The recent Supreme Court decisions were genuinely remarkable and corrected wrongs in the legal morass of Roe v. Wade. No woman lost their rights to anything. They still can go to murder States, like California or New York, and kill their unborn child. Those Democratic-controlled States will still hold onto minority Americans who fail to understand that abortion is about eliminating minorities in this country. That is why Margaret Sanger established Planned Parenthood. That was the design and purpose. How I pray that minority Americans wake up and see what the Democratic Party is all about, suppression of all minorities. The longest filibuster in the US Senate and in the history of the United States took place over the Civil Rights bill by the Democrats trying to stop the passage of that bill. That act alone speaks volumes.

Guns! The Liberal’s cries are the reason for violence. Total crap. It is people. It is a people problem. Just today, some real evil dip stick killed five people and wounded sixteen in a parade in Illinois. The gun did not jump up and do it by itself. A person picked it up and used it. If he used a baseball bat, would the cry be to ban all base bats? Did the media blame the rifle that Oswalt used to assassinate President Kennedy? No, they blamed the person. This contrived outcry is beyond stupid by Liberals and the media. The more the citizens put up with the false narrative of the Left, the sooner Socialism will take permanent hold of all of us. Please stand up and fight back against the absurdity of their false narrative.

Our country is in serious trouble; we’ll be another former power in ten years, as China and Russia take over forming the most significant threat to humanity in 246 years. The people helping those countries are found right here in our country, The Left, the Far-Left Democrats, BLM, ANTIFA, and numerous other groups crying for the collapse of our government. This coming fall, voting in November will be critical. Know who you are voting for, cast your vote, and do not allow the Left to steal your voice. Fill out your documents correctly, and vote in person. Dump the lifeless old Republicans in the Senate and House where and when you can. Install young, vibrant conservatives that want to win this fight against Socialism and the scum that are trying to embed themselves in our institutions. It is time to flush the toilet. There are so-called bad conservatives, as well as bad Democrats. Wake up, America. You are being used to set up a corrupt government. Stop them!

The key to regaining this country again is local elections. Install strong conservatives locally. Especially school boards. Take the country back. Have a happy July 4th with friends and family. These events may start to become rare as time goes on. Some people and groups want to create laws stopping this celebration of our country. Find out who they are and why they want our celebrations to stop.


  1. MoleMaster

    So many people refer to this memorial holiday as “the 4th of July.” And that is true. Even the British and French and Chinese have a “4th of July.”

    But it behooves us as Americans to refer to this special day as Independence Day. There is a faction that would like to eliminate the word independence from our lexicon. That group would like everyone nod in bovine agreement with every dictate they issue. Lack of use of the word independence will do it.

    Let’s call this day by the reason we celebrate it: Independence Day.

    Have a happy and meaningful Independence Day.

  2. Stephen Hanig

    Agree Henry. The other problem, which I believe is a bigger threat is the education of our children. The dumbing down of our history. Or elimination of our history with the ” woke” movement. Just tear down history because it offends some long ago event. It worries me when you talk to younger people and their view of some basic things that define America. Where do they get this from? Our educational system. Thank heavens some states and people are now challenging the school boards of what they are teaching our children this is overflowing to parents. Believe it!! I was talking to a pediatrician friend of mine the other day. She had a mother ask her about her two year old son who liked the color pink, dresses, dresses and wanted to polish his nails pink. The doctor asked her; what person does your son like the most? She replied me. Do you wear pink, wear dresses and paint your finger nails in pink? The child loves you and is just emulating you. He’s two years old. It’s quite natural. But no, some parents make a decision at two that their child is ” identifying” as a different gender.
    Unless we get more accurate and teach the true history of our country the 4th will disappear. Watch some of the, on the street questions. Who fought in the civil war, why do we celebrate the 4th of July, who fought in the revolutionary war, who did the US fight in WW2?
    Happy to be surrounded this great day by true Patriots who know the correct answer to all those simple questions. Including my English dock mate Mark who just passed his exam to become a US citizen.
    God Bless America!!

  3. Goldenlady

    Excellent article, true to form. Our country is being stolen and the steal has been going on for years. The left must be stopped if we want to retain our morals and values. It starts in the schools, at home and at the ballot box.

  4. Lawrence L

    There is no reconciling left and right. We need to divorce.

    Blue: WA, OR, CA, NV, NM, CO, MN, WI, IL, MI, VA, MD, DE, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME, HI, and possibly AZ and UT

    Red: all non-blue

    Everyone has one year to liquidate assets and move. Treaty to ensure unfettered transportation, overflight rights. No blue-red cross ownership of assets allowed. Like everyone else, armed forces personnel choose sides. Military equipment is apportioned by square miles of land. Nukes are split 50-50. Federal debt is split by ratio of total net worth of red-blue citizens.

    Red America reboots with the original constitution–and especially with Article I Section 8, 9th, and 10th amendments. The Blues get the Fed, FBI, DoJ, DHS, DEA, ATF, CDC, FDA, EPA, DoE, DoEd, HHS, gun confiscation, unfettered illegal immigration, unfettered pedophilia, public schools with CRT, LGBTQI+, reparations, the Federal Register, etc.

    A guy can dream, can’t he?

      • Lawrence L

        Mostly tongue-in-cheek, Boyo, but I imagine another 30 months of the left’s relentless destruction of America–with perhaps another stolen election in November–might finally convince even the slow learners among us that fighting the left AND the RINO Uniparty with Marquess of Queensberry rules is a fast track to losing the country. I’d love to hear a proposal for reconciling the left’s insane vision for the future of the country vs. the right’s vision of a return to a constitutional republic. Does anybody really believe that they will ever quit pushing their tyranny? We have been reasonable to too long.

        “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
        –George Bernard Shaw

        • patriot1971

          This country is moving dangerously close to an internal physical conflict that will devastate our country. Unreasonable men or not.

  5. Esther Harwell

    Thank goodness for rights, at least for now, somewhat. I am an American by choice, not birth, so it means everything to me. I served the country that gave me a new home in Uniform for 20 years. I continued to serve the country I love in civil service for the next 20 years.

    I wanted to be am American because I loved what it stood for. Decades ago, there was pride in this country. Yes, there were disagreements, but it never seemed to have any negative impact on one thing we all agreed on, and that was that we were all Americans and loved our country.

    I am hoping, before it’s too late, that all wake up!

    I agree with Stephen. It all begins with our children. Unfortunately, if they are being taught one sided thinking, which ever side that it, it will cause problems. What happened to teaching all sides and then making up your own mind?

    As Henry said, it begins and ends with elections. Seeing what has happened so far with this administration, I hope major changes are coming. I will do my part.

    I still love America and proudly celebrate her Independence Day!


    For the second time, Biden did not allow fireworks in SD at Mt. Rushmore. Perhaps it is a fire hazard like he said. But others in the same area will surely set them off. This display has always been allowed. Biden just does not want it.
    Anything I say here, I know I will be preaching to the choir.
    Your words are on the money Henry.
    Trump only lost because people did not like him. They did not vote for Biden because they liked him. they voted for Biden as a default.
    I really hope those that voted for Biden now know what they truly did.

  7. R Brown

    Lots of things to touch on here. I was born in ‘45 and in my life time, we have always had a political right and left. We shared the same values but embraced different roads to achieve those same goals. It was a sustainable balance and both political sides worked to solve the country’s problems with their preferred solutions. Today’s climate is totally different, IMO. Opposing political sides do not share the same values. We share opposing values. That is why our Congress is dysfunctional and cannot solve anything. The result, our elected leaders no longer focus on solving problems but work hard to divide the country in order to enlarge their power base and further only the ideology that is now the focus of their party. Democrats have been the drivers of this ideological focus but Republicans also buy into the DC culture. That is huge as we are now a divided country. The Civil War was fought because of opposing values. This constant political bickering drains this country of our energy, our resourcefulness, our financial treasury, lowers our standard of living and with rampant crime, lowers our feeling of security while increasing stress levels.

    I remember years ago telling a liberal friend of mine that I wish we could divide the country along the Mississippi River with Libs getting one half, conservatives the other. Two countries. Then lets cut loose the political baggage on the Conservative side and work to improve the lives of its citizens.

    In giving up the education of our youth, I feel the Conservatives have largely handed the Libs our country’s future. Rigging our elections like the 2020 event only speeds the transformation of out great country to something that could resemble a third world nation.

    If our Constitution continues to become diluted and negated, Independence Day will cease to have value and remembrance.

  8. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this content together.
    I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.

    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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